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Created on : Thursday, June 30, 2005, 12:55:14 pm
Author : dataimport
After making the decision to get pregnant, you find you are unable to conceive. Sound familiar? Share your infertility journey with us.

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May 23, 2009, 5:52 pm CDT

when will my dream come true? God, where r u?

Hello,my name is shannon. Im 21, and for 4 years ive been trying to get pregnant, and i have not yet succeeded. Im to the point of giving up on having a child. I am a spoiled child of 7 (my parents are both baby maker machines) and a child is the only thing iv ever wanted, but cannot have. why me? I was told when i was 18 and had medical insurance that  i had a medical problem but no way they tried helping worked. I got my period on time until i was 17,and for 3 years i did not get a period,and i turned 20 and lost 63pounds and began getting my period for about 3months ontime, and now its been 2 months and still have not received my period. I thought it was my weight, so i worked hard to loose it and got my hopes up for nothing. Here i am 21 and divorced because he wanted children and i could not give him even one, and i am in anew relationship with a guy who has a child he cannot see, and it hurts me even more because i cannot give him a child of our own. No one wants to help me, and i cannot afford medical insurnance so im turning to you guys for help. Im afraid i loose the love of my life over this, and that we may never have a child, and adoption is not the same, so if you can please help me that wuld be a dream come true. 
June 28, 2009, 6:01 am CDT

low sperm count

Hi,my fiance and i have been trying to have children for 3years now am 29 and he is 50( i know the age difference but i love him)he has low sperm count they are not good and we have tried clomid and on the 14th day the doc did the insemination procedure.I have tried the clomids again and it failed this month i am trying it probably for the last time,i am on the 2nd day on clomid and i wanted to ask for advice from someone who has had the same problem or anyone who has an idea on what we should do or an advice on low sperm count?
July 14, 2009, 4:26 pm CDT

Frusterated partner

Im watching a classic Dr.Phil about Brittany's baby... this little girl is making me so ANGRY!!!! My partner and I want to have children so badly! and this little girl goes out and screws around and acts like a child is an accessory that you can just leave at home!


It makes me SO ANGRY every day I see little girls come through my ER pregnant with there second and third children and they aren't even through highschool, they haven't even had a job or a real life experience.

My partner and are college educated, emplyed with stable jobs, were healthy loving women who wish only to be blessed with our own child. Were attempting IUI and so far it has been unsucessfull. I just don't understand why does god bless these children who are not emotionally, physically,spiritually or financially mature enough to raise children?!?!?!?

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