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Created on : Thursday, June 30, 2005, 12:54:48 pm
Author : dataimport
Expecting? Share your pregnancy joys, concerns, questions and stories with us.

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July 17, 2008, 8:26 am CDT


Quote From: eternal_love

Hello all!  I have been wanting a baby for a long time now, and my husband and I have been talking about it.  We have not necessarily been trying to get pregnant, but we have not been using birth control either.  We just decided that we would see what happens ;)


Well, I think I'm pregnant!!! :)  I am officially three days late on my period, I've been having what feels like menstrual cramps but they are a bit stronger than my usual menstrual cramps, and I've been urinating more frequently.  So today I took a First Response home pregnancy test and it came out positive!  The extra line indicating pregnancy was a bit faint, but the instructions said that one of the two lines might be faint.  It obviosuly hasn't been confirmed by a doctor, and I'm a bit worried about a false positive.  What are the chances that this might be a false positive?  I've always heard that home pregnancy tests are very accurate, but I really want to be pregnant and I don't want to get my hopes up just to get disappointed when I go to the doctor.  Do you think I have anything to worry about given the signs?

My adoptive parents couldn't have children. And I would go to the doctor with my adoptive mom to keep her cheerful! My mom's doctor told her that usually the test's are wrong when they say your not pregnant and you are. I went to the local Health Department just to get a test, the test's that they use are the cheap small stick pregnancy tests that you can find at the Dollar Store's! And the second line was very light but I am pregnant. I don't think you should worry about it at all! I hope this helps you.

July 18, 2008, 6:37 am CDT


My wife and I are expecting our first child in november, and we've recently had the 19 week scan where we found out the gender of our child, and [drumroll] its a girl.


Both scans have shown that she's growing well and in perfect health, which is great, and I am very thankful for that. Its just that, even though I didnt acknowledge it before I found out, I really wanted to have a boy. So much so that when we found out it was girl, I was crushed because before we knew whether it was male or female, in my mind it was a male.


Without doing it on purpose, I'd started making all these plans for years into the future with things I was going to do with my son. So when we found out it was going to be a girl, I suddenly lost that relationship I'd started to build with him. I'm not arrogant enough to say that it felt like he had died, but its something approaching that feeling- one day I had a child that existed as a son , and the next day I only had a daughter, my son was gone.


The thing that I feeling reuly terrible about is that now, I'm just not that excited about having our child anymore. I hope that this apathy will pass, it makes me sick to my stomach that I am capable of being this shallow. I'm confident that as she becomes more real to me, like when we start to feel her kick, when my wife starts to look really pregnant, and when she is born, this will all become a distant memory and I'm gonna be astounded that I could ever do anything but love her, but still, I'm not in a good place at the moment, and really dissapointed that I could ever be here.

Any of the other fathers out there ever felt anything like this?

July 25, 2008, 10:54 pm CDT

I'm Pregnant!

I'm just turning 20 and I'm having my second child. I love my babies both. But I'm really afraid that I have totally destroyed any chances of me returning back to college. I have little money. The father is looking for work. I have no car. I don't know if I can do this again. I don't want to give my baby up. I just need some words of encouragement. And if you'll know of any programs I can get on to help me out.
August 4, 2008, 3:41 pm CDT

I'm Pregnant!

I am pregnant with my 5th child and couldnt be happier about it but my mood swings are terrible. I can blow up at my children and husband so easily and then i feel terrible about it. is there any one who  can give me adive on how to control this better? thanks
September 10, 2008, 10:19 am CDT

trying to get/stay happy

I'm pregnant, surprise topic, huh?  This is my 4th child and I'm 24 weeks.  I was married and have 3 with my ex-husband.  This one was an "oops"  genuine "oops", but that's another topic.  My longtime boyfriend has been less than excited, much less interested.  Initially I was ambivalent, but because of my personal beliefs was just not able to terminate, regardless of the challenging circumstances.  Now I am determined to enjoy this pregnancy, since I will guarantee it will be my last.  I am relishing in every single movement and painful heartburn!

Here's the problem in a nutshell.  He wanted me to terminate the pregnancy, I refused and gave him the option of walking away, scott-free.  After all, we thought we were adequately preventing a pregnancy.  He decided to stay in the game, but couldn't bring himself to touch me, look at my growing belly or even cut me some slack when I had to pee excesively.  I told him to get lost and not come back unless he made a decision to be actively, happily involved.  He withdrew for less than a week then called to work things out. Things went okay for about two weeks...then he told me I needed to put it up for adoption.  Ummm...No...I have three other children, how could I possibly do that to them?  So, get lost part 2.  He came back a couple of days later, which I assumed meant he wanted to work on a family relationship, afterall he adores my kids and actively participates in their lives and them his.  He has been supportive, still concerned about circumstances, but he's there when I need him even though we live seperately.

How do I really, truly put behind me the hurt feelings that creep up in the middle of the night?  How do I reconcile that he gave me ultimatums abouts not keeping our child?  Him or the baby...I clearly chose the baby.  I don't want to get married just because I am pregnant.  We had talked about it before this, but his inability to handle a huge curveball has made me really question our entire relationship.  Ideally, I want to have a complete, traditional (blended) family. 

I am trying to forgive him, trying to understand that he takes longer to come to terms with things than I do, but what do I do with the hurt and the nagging feeling that at any minute he could change his mind and I will be alone in the delivery room?

I guess I rambled here, didn't I?  Just would like some feedback, this isn't the kind of topic you talk about to your doctor, or your family, or anyone that would hold his decisions against him.

September 16, 2008, 10:41 am CDT


i am 23 and have 6 kids i just had one in june and on sep 1 i did't get my friend that week so i want to my DR and he said guess what u are have a baby i said that will be my 8 kids so he said to me then stop have sex u will not have nomore baby and i said we will see about that . i was 13 when i had my frist kid and then i was about 16 when i had my 2 girls and then i was about 17 when i had my 1 boy and 2girl and then i was 22 when i had the one in  june now have baby 8 . i thank god for all of my kids and for me to have all of them  .i think i will have one more be for i am in my 30 . my family think i am nut for all my kids that i had but they make me happy and my dh love when i a pregnant he think it is cute when i  can't see my toe that is how big i get when i am pregnant 
September 16, 2008, 1:28 pm CDT


Hey guys. I have been reading up on circumcision, in preparation of the birth of my child--incase it's a boy. My husband wants him circumcised because he doesn't want him teased. After reading up on it and seeing pics of the procedure, I think he will have to pry the child from my cold dead hands before I let it happen. He's still out of town, so I will wait until he gets back to broach the subject.

It's funny that only about 83% of males world wide are NOT circumcised, the majority of those who are are American. It started in the 1880s when wacko doctors, thinking masturbation caused illness such as blindness, etc. encouraged circumcision to de-sensitize the penis and discourage masturbation. Circumcision as a cure for masturbation!! Come to find out, with the glans exposed and rubbing against clothing, it does de-sensitize and toughen the penis, but that leads to MORE masturbation and harder thrusting during sex. Men with natural penises have more nerve endings, the head is protected and sensitive, so they get more sexual gratification from intercourse...supposed to help the lady keep wet and enjoy more shallow gentle stroke.

I was wondering who out there had partners with or without foreskin, how they felt in bed and if either seemed more prone to porn/masturbation or not. I am really curious. I have only been with four men, all circumcised and none were exceptional, sensitive strokers.
September 17, 2008, 2:26 pm CDT

pregnant and dont know what to do....???

i am 21 years old and i just found out that im 5 weeks pregnant. ive been with my boyfriend for about 5 months. we do love eachother very much. he just turned 27 about a week ago. we just got an apartment recently together...he works and makes okay money...not alot but decent. i told him about my pregnancy and he is all for keeping this baby. i am in between. i really want to keep it but im not sure if id be making a mistake. im really not for abortion, but i talked to my mother about it and she things i should get it. i  really dont know what to do.....also i dont have health insurance so i dont know how i would afford all those medical bills.....   any suggestion s?

September 18, 2008, 9:31 am CDT

what does your gut say?

Quote From: lear0nikx0x0

i am 21 years old and i just found out that im 5 weeks pregnant. ive been with my boyfriend for about 5 months. we do love eachother very much. he just turned 27 about a week ago. we just got an apartment recently together...he works and makes okay money...not alot but decent. i told him about my pregnancy and he is all for keeping this baby. i am in between. i really want to keep it but im not sure if id be making a mistake. im really not for abortion, but i talked to my mother about it and she things i should get it. i  really dont know what to do.....also i dont have health insurance so i dont know how i would afford all those medical bills.....   any suggestion s?

Your boyfriend being 27 is A LOT older than many couples. Did you know 1 in 3 girls get pregnant before the age of 21? You can make it work. From what I understand, the biggest adjustment will just be the lifestyle change. You will go out to eat and party less, because you will not have time, and there's the diaper money! You can breast feed, so you will not have to buy formula. Yeah you may have to go for the cheaper stuff, but people have had babies for THOUSANDS of years in huts with dirt floors.
Your mom may just be freaking out that SHE will be the one to care for it. She is still in shock, but be patient. I have had friends and family who have gotten pregnant, and sometimes the parents freak out. But they ALWAYS come around and see the grandchild as the greatest blessing ever.

As far as insurance, I can't help there. I would contact a pregnancy resource center or public health center in your community or state. The state I live in provides insurance for low-income mothers and children. While I was in college, I actually PREFERRED the public clinic for pap smears and birth control. I'd get a whole year supply for free, and the nurses were SO much nicer than a doctors office. I would HIGHLY suggest you find someone to talk to in a setting like that. They will be less emotionally involved than your mom and they see your situation EVERY DAY.

You could also consider adoption, if you don't want to abort. In those cases, the adoptive parents will gladly pay the doctor bills. It sounds like you would never get over an abortion. I'd go ahead and rule that out if I were you.
November 12, 2008, 4:17 pm CST

In need of support and advice

I am 23 yrs old and 27 weeks pregnant with twin girls. I have had two previous miscarriages, and so the twins were an exciting gift to recieve. I was taken off work at 24 weeks due to the high risk pregnancy and the lack of understanding from my employeer about my situation and restrictions. My husband got his hours cut at work due to the lack of business for this season, and we are only in our 4th month of renting our first home. We went to the local DHS office and they informed us that they could not offer us any help with food or rent because our income (which doesn't cover all our bills) was not low enough for state assistance. We were informed they may help us with any shut off notices we recieve, but only 2-3 times a year. I have yet to find another employer that is interested in hiring a pregnant woman on restrictions for 2 months, and we may very well end up being evicted before the babies are born. We don't have even half of what we need for the girls to come home with us, and are exhausting more financially traveling to numerous pantrys then we are benefiting from. Is there any advice or support that may help us out with our constant stress and worry????
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