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Created on : Thursday, April 27, 2006, 07:08:59 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil shines a light on missing children. Some are taken by strangers, but more frequently a parent is the one to snatch them -- too often with terrifying results. The search for two missing girls takes a Dr. Phil investigator inside a seldom-seen religious community where worshippers live what some call "a simpler way of life." Follow this story of child abduction by a father -- now a fugitive of the law -- who is living on the run with his two daughters, while their mother desperately tries to find them. Then, imagine not seeing your children for 10 years. Your 3-year-old is now 13, your 6-year-old now drives, and your 8-year-old is graduating high school – and you’re missing it all. John Clark is living this nightmare. Find out what happened and why his ex-wife is now wanted by the FBI. Join the discussion.

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May 2, 2006, 11:32 am CDT

We're Good

Quote From: lotofshoes

I wasn't disagreeing with you I was just adding to Guess i should have started a new post....I agree with you too....
That's nice to hear.  We're on the same wave length then.
May 2, 2006, 12:46 pm CDT

the most horrible feeling

My heart goes out to you. My ex-husband also took our son 3 years ago. He reported me to Childrens services and tried to press charges with the police and had him examined at thee hospital....the was no signsd of abuse...because there was none...however I had to go to court and get an emergency court hearing and a court order with a police enforcement clause to get my son back . I also had to be interviewed by Children's services before bringing him all complaints require investigation....those were the longest days of my life....I cannot imagine how you cope. 


Keep fighting...children are worth it. I have lived in communities that have a strong Hutterite presence and you need to get your girls out of there....they do not believe in educating their children....thus maintaining control of their is hard to escape to the real world with no education or tools to work with. I have friends who are run away hutterites and it has been hard for them. 

May 2, 2006, 1:13 pm CDT


I'm incensed about the kidnapped children brought to light on today's show.  As to John Clark's in-laws, clearly,any caring parent would be panicked that their own child, let alone their grandchildren, were abducted and they would be moving heaven and earth to find them like their son-in-law has been doing since 1995.  Since they're not, they must be in touch with their daughter and grandchildren!!!  Why aren't they then being arrested since they're aiding and abetting a fugitive?!  Let those people rot in jail until they give it up. John's father-in-law couldn't conjugate a sentence when it came to discussing his daughter's whereabouts but had no problem shooting the breeze about John's parents and marital status?!    


My thoughts are with today's parents as well as the parents of other missing children.  I wish them continued perseverence and pray that they be swiftly reunited with their loved ones!!  

May 2, 2006, 1:14 pm CDT

excuse me, but...

Quote From: lotofshoes

The Bible says to render unto Cesar's what is Cesar's ...that means we as Christians are to live by the rules set by the Government...Even Jesus paid Taxes...Romans 14-6 & 7For because of this you also pay taxes for they are God's ministers attending continually to this very thing...Render therefore to all their due taxes to whom taxes are due customs  to whom custom's fear to whom fear  honor to whom honor. 



God has charged us to live our lives according to the laws of the do other is not Gods will and therefore what these people are doing is against GOD!!!!!! 

First you say that being a part of a Hutterite community is like being in a cult, then you go and quote the bible.  Hello....would you not agree that anyone who partakes in any form of religious indoctrination could be considered to be a part of an organized cult, so to speak???  I know this has nothing to do with children being kidnapped, but I just had to say that you are contradicting yourself when you say one form of religion is more cult-like than another.  Do you really think Jesus would be happy with what our culture is doing to humanity today?  I'd say he'd be a little happier with the non materialistic cultures of the more modest religions.  Please, when I say this I am NOT speaking of those ridiculous polygamous sects that abuse women and molest their young...not to stereotype but it is true in some places in the US today.
May 2, 2006, 1:29 pm CDT

05/02 Missing

Quote From: searcherr

I have never posted a message on this board but this is a subject of which I feel I have a little knowledge and experience. I have read through all the posts already on  here and the show hasn't aired yet so I may have more to say after I see it but I doubt it will change my mind about much on this subject. 

      First and foremost I wish to say that abducting children and hiding them is "CHILD ABUSE"  pure and simple. This act is almost never about safety for the children. It is "REVENGE". And should there be a safety issue there are a lot of organizations and facilities and law enforcement to help handle those problems. Although I must say that some of those places can be even more unsafe for the children. 

     If you have doubts that abducting and hiding children is child abuse then just for a while try to imagine you are a young child and you are suddenly taken away from everything that made up your whole life. Your bed. your playmates, cousins,aunts uncles,grandparents,pets,toys and on and on, just everything that made up your world. Then you are hurried away secretly to unknown places with unknown people, told to tell lies, maybe change your name and hair color. More than likely you are told lies about the left behind parent, maybe that they have died or did a really bad thing and are in prison or that they hate you and will kill you and mother/father. Now the abducting parent is most likely scared and stressed which of course the children feel and that makes them feel very insecure. To me, all this and maybe more ,not mentioned ,is "CHILD ABUSE".  

  1.     Now for my knowledge and experience; Ten years ago on August 31,1995 by daughter-in-law disappeared with my four beautiful, loving adorable grandchildren. Believe me,our son and my husband and I spent every penny and then some and every day looking for and doing everything imaginable to try to find them. To this day we still have not had a single word from or about them. It is like they have disappeared off the face of this earth. They are all of age now and I hope they have had counseling and are able to have happy normal lives cause I think they probably went through a lot of Hell. I know all my family has!

I understand that you personally may have been torn, but there is hope for your grandchildren. You see at the age of  8, my sister (1) I was taken by my father. We lived in a small city in Ontario near the border and were first taken upon an airplane and flown across the country to Alberta.  


I remember my parents always fighting and arguing over anything and everything. One day my father had enough and when my mother left for work gathered up our things and we were gone. You see he felt like he had no other choice in the 70's no court was going to give custody to a 20 something papermill factory worker, when the mother was a stay at home full time care giver. The fighting is what I remember of my parents marriage. 


WE were gone 5-6 years, moving every couple of months. But to put your heart at ease, those are some of the best years of my life....... my father didn't have much but it was the little things we did as a family of 3 that I remember. I wasn't  tramatized I promised you. I really don't remember having any nightmares or longing to go back. We where on an adventure. We were so poor that we actually lived in a tent. I know to you it may sound harsh but as a 6 year kid it was great, camping out, eating hotdogs. I had my best birthday ever that year and didn't get 1 store bought gift.  


Obviously we got caught, and were ordered to return back to Ontario,  I promise you .... I am a well rounded, happy, helpful person who learned alot from that experience. I truely don't wish to turn back time and not make it happen. Kids have amazing minds your grandchildren I hope are in a good place now in their lives. God Bless, and remember it was probaly harder on you then them   

May 2, 2006, 1:35 pm CDT

good people

The Hutterites really are a good people, I've spent time at a colony (My husband's step-mother is an ex-hutterite), and I had a wonderful experience. Even though their  culture is very different from our own, I felt incredibly safe and comfortable there. This is not a cult like the Waco Koresh thing. People are free to leave, but I do think that a lack of education often keeps people from leaving, because they aren't sure what's out there. I believe the hutterite (Peter?) when he says he doesn't know where the girls are but he could contact people who might know where they are. The Hutterites don't make trouble and they don't want to get into the middle of trouble. They are a peaceful people, and I embrace their culture. The father of the girls doesn't want to be a Hutterite, he's looking for a way to escape, but the Hutterite colonies will NOT intentionally hide him from the law. He's probably been telling them lies and he will be found out. Hopefully soon.
May 2, 2006, 1:56 pm CDT

It always end badly

This post is written for searcher. I want to help you ease some of the pain and anger that you may be feeling. I was taken by my father at the age of 3, along with my sisiter who was 1. As a child I remember my parents fighting, argueing all the time.  Now it could have been my imagination but those times haunt me. My father felt that there was no way an Ontario court would give custody to a 20 something mill worker when the mother was a full time care giver at the home. So one day out of the blue we board a plane and flew across country to Alberta.   


I actually recall those 5-6 years as the best time I have ever had and don't remember being happier as a kid. We did move ever 2 months but it wasn't bad.  We were poor, so poor we lived in a tent at one point. You find that harsh but for a 4 year old and a 6 year old it rocked. Camping, cooking hotdogs on a fire, all these things are what I remember of my childhood. I had the best birthday to date that year.   


I believe that this was most likely harder on you and your family then the kids. Kids have amazing minds, we can come up with amazing solutions and answer to any problem.Take heart in knowing that I am a strong, happy, smart, big hearted person and learned them all from "my adventures" as a child. I wish the best for you and know we all don't grow up needing therapy.   

May 2, 2006, 1:57 pm CDT

John's parents

 It seems that John and the FBI agent could get a subpoena for the evil grandparents' phone records. 
May 2, 2006, 2:07 pm CDT

05/02 Missing

My heart deeply goes out to all those who are missing their children. I hope you find them and bring them home safely.
May 2, 2006, 2:13 pm CDT

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