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Created on : Thursday, April 27, 2006, 07:08:59 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil shines a light on missing children. Some are taken by strangers, but more frequently a parent is the one to snatch them -- too often with terrifying results. The search for two missing girls takes a Dr. Phil investigator inside a seldom-seen religious community where worshippers live what some call "a simpler way of life." Follow this story of child abduction by a father -- now a fugitive of the law -- who is living on the run with his two daughters, while their mother desperately tries to find them. Then, imagine not seeing your children for 10 years. Your 3-year-old is now 13, your 6-year-old now drives, and your 8-year-old is graduating high school – and you’re missing it all. John Clark is living this nightmare. Find out what happened and why his ex-wife is now wanted by the FBI. Join the discussion.

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January 11, 2007, 3:17 pm CST

My 2 missing kids....

My 2 babies ages 3 & 4 now were 8 months & 11/2 yrs old the last time I seen them. I haven't seen my babies in almost 3 yrs and I would do anything to be able to hold them in my arms. I am hoping and praying that god will bring my 2 babies home to me safe and sound. Please pray with me that god brings my kids (Jessica & Jose') home to me and yours too if you have a child that is missing.
March 2, 2008, 10:25 pm CST

I Know Jason

Quote From: zakksmomm

I am the mother of Jason Coates Aguero, born July 1, 1989. Back in 1990 his father Jose Angel Aguero took him from my arms in a drunken rage and drove off with him. I had been looking for Jason for years. Attorneys told me that Jose had an equal right to Jason since we never married. I believe Jose is with Jason in San Antonio Texas. Jose 's DOB is 7-7-62. Jose may have told Jason that I was dead. I am very much alive at 36 yrs of age. I have missed my son for many yrs. In taking Jason, not telling me his whereabouts, Jose has denied Jason the love of his mother as well as any help financially. Yes, Jason has a brother 3 yrs younger. Though I am divorced from his late father, his brother and I still have a mom-son relationship as well as financial support. I will buy him what he needs . These people need to realize that their selfishness causes alot of loss and pain to innocent children and their parents.
Hey I know this is an old post and an old thread and dates back 2 years but I don't have a lot of options. I am looking for Zacksmomm because I have been in contact with her son Jason Coates Aguero. If anyone knows Zacksmomm or may let her know that someone knows her son please let her know. Her first name is Barbara, which Jason told me it was, please contact me at if you can help. Thank you very much.
April 7, 2009, 8:49 am CDT

Need help to find my missing Nephew..

This is Jeff Renaud, He went missing jan26 2009, from Hamilton Ontario Canada.  Hes 20 years old.  Police seem to think he crossed the border into the U.S though Niagra Falls.  He could be any were from Boston to the Florida Keys.  We dont know of any friends he might have in the states, or were he could be.  We need help getting the  word out that hes missing, If anyone could help his Mom and me find him in any way we would be greatful  thanks

The Renaud Family

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