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Created on : Thursday, June 30, 2005, 12:52:12 pm
Author : dataimport
Women love sharing their birth stories - share yours with us.

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December 12, 2005, 10:36 am CST


Our son's arrival


  I went into this pregnancy knowing that I would be HBACing. After we moved here, I became friends with a group of women, one of whom I found out is an underground midwife (henceforth referred to as MW). She had a UBAC herself the month before I was cut with my first son. It’s interesting because she is also and L&D nurse with the reputation that "her" patients don’t have c-sections. So I was very confident and comfortable with her.

At my 40 week prenatal, I requested a VE just because I was curious. I was 1cm, 80%, and peanut was already at +2 station and firmly anterior. So I was pretty darn happy...but a week later, I was getting tired of waiting for this little kid to show up, and having all these false alarms. We had actually called MW twice, and we all thought it was time, but after several hours of regular contractions, they would stop. I wasn’t physically uncomfortable, just anxious to meet our baby. So, DH and I had been trying to get labor going for about a week...if you know what I mean.

(All the times are pulled from my labor record, since I had no concept of time as I was in La-La-Laborland, and we didn’t have a clock anywhere in the birthing area)

I started having contractions around 3:00 on Thursday the 7th of July (41 weeks exactly). But, I didn’t really think too much about them...I wasn’t timing or even paying real close attention...just sort of like, oh, hey, there’s another one. I helped my brother get some homework submitted for his online class, which had me distracted for a couple of hours, and after he left I noticed I was still having them...hmm...interesting. DH got home from work around 5:00, and I told him I was having some "irritating" type contractions...still quite manageable, but definitely noticeable. He of course, started timing, and got a little irritated when I mentioned I may have had some leaky water about 3:30 or so...which after discussing it with MW decided that isn’t what it was. I didn’t want MW to come until we were sure it was actual labor, so I told her we’d call her again if things didn’t slow down. So I laid on the couch, showered, walked, drank a lot of water, and sat on my birth ball to see if anything made the contractions stop. DH was running around the house, finalizing the preparations, filling the tub, moving the food downstairs, and trying to time for me. It was pretty cute watching him run around all excited. Nothing made the contractions change, so we called MW again around 8:30, and I told her I thought we were in labor and that I’d like her to come out. I think I know for next time that we can probably wait a little longer to have her come. :o)

She got to the house and I was sitting on the bed playing solitaire. She walks in and goes "Oh, so this is active labor?" She checked baby’s position, listened to the heartbeat, and suggested we go for a brisk walk. So we all did...and it was definitely brisk. The contractions were annoying, but not anything I had to stop for. They picked up once we got home, and DH and I cuddled in bed and he helped me relax through the stronger ones, while our MW read a book in the outer room. I remember getting hungry so I ate a bagel. And found out that if I were to go pee, the contractions didn’t seem so bad. About 11:30 DH and I took another walk to see if it would get things moving more. When we got back, I was feeling pretty tired, so DH and I laid down again and that’s when I noticed the contractions were getting stronger, to the point where I had to pause in conversation for them...DH was very good labor support here...rubbing my back and helping me relax with the Bradley stuff we practiced.

Around 12:30 I decided I wanted to get in the pool, and that felt goooood. It took the edge off the contractions beautifully. I still had to pause and breathe through them, but I was back to cracking jokes in between...our MW was particularly amused when I mentioned peeing in the pool and DH got disgusted by the thought. LOL

(Now here is where things get weird. Over the next 17 hours of laboring, I appeared to go through transition twice. Now, I never got the URGE to push at those times, but it felt very good to push, so I went with it...won’t make that mistake next time!)

I spent most of the night in the pool, with DH in there with me. He was wonderful labor support, rubbing my back, my shoulders and he and our MW poured water over my lower back during contractions...that was AWESOME!!

The first time I pushed, which was around 4:00 a.m. on Friday, I did that for about an hour, then asked for a VE (the first of my labor) because I didn’t feel like the baby was moving. Sure enough, I was only 5 cm. So I got out of the pool, took a shower, had a beer (which slowed things down and spaced things out), and napped between contractions for a couple of hours. I had some yogurt and our MW went home around 6:30 a.m. to get some sleep. While she was gone, DH cooked me some breakfast, and my mother wondered what the heck was going on. She was upstairs babysitting our 21 month old, DS#1. When she saw MW leave, she thought we had the baby...when DH didn’t say anything to her, she asked him, rather irritated, "Well, is it a girl or a boy?" He had to explain that we hadn’t had the baby yet. At some point I got back in the pool, and labored there again. We called our MW to let her know I had had some more bloody show and things were getting harder to manage. So she came back and we labored in the pool some more.

The second time it felt good to push was around 3:00 p.m...did that for a half hour, didn’t feel like baby was moving, asked for another VE...was only 6cm and starting to swell a little. At this point, had I been in the hospital, I would have gotten an epidural. I was soooo incredibly tired and frustrated, and the contractions were incredibly took DH on one side and MW on the other, both pushing in a hip squeeze for it to do any good. I took another shower, had another beer (actually, I had the beer while in the shower) and tried to rest in bed again. (BTW, a beer in late labor doesn’t do diddly-squat.) Our MW suggested that I try to labor on the toilet or walk around to see if that helped. Now this whole time, the only place I had any sort of relief was in the water, I DID NOT want to walk around or sit. I actually said, "I’m seriously considering going to the hospital just so I can get some rest." Our MW gently reminded me that that would increase my risk of having another c-section, which I knew, but I didn’t want to think about. We all thought we were looking at another REALLY long night of labor. She left again around 5:00 p.m. and I spent the next hour on all fours on the bed trying not to rip my husband’s head off. I was absolutely miserable. Every contraction, I thought "epidural, epidural, epidural." Then I would think "c-section, c-section, c-section," then I would think "one more contraction, one more contraction, one more contraction."

At around 6:00 p.m. DH forced (coerced, begged, and eventually ordered) me to take a walk outside with him. It took us 15 minutes to walk 500 feet. Every five steps I had a contraction that doubled me over. (I had three in the right next to the trash cans that didn’t get put out that morning...yuck!). Around 6:30 p.m. I got back into the pool...and after about two contractions had the unmistakable, unbelievable, undeniable URGE and I mean URGE, to push. At this point, DH sort of freaked out...which is understandable. He calls MW on her cell, and tells her I have to push. While he’s calling her, I check unusual experience may I say...and surprisingly, I knew what I was feeling...and what I was feeling was a baby’s head., and that really cervix...DAMMIT!! I’m STILL not complete. I tell DH there is still cervix there...MW tells him to tell me not to push, she’s on her way. So he gets off the phone, and for the next half hour he alternated between begging and ordering me not to push. I wish we had it on tape, "Honey, don’t push, you can’t push. Honey, please, for me, DON'T PUSH. You’re pushing, STOP IT!." I was chewing on the side of the pool, and clawing the heck out of his legs and clothes because I was trying sooo hard not to push, but after a certain point, your body is going to do it anyway. BUT, he also wouldn’t let me check to see if I was complete yet. Every time I would reach down to check, he’d say, "Don’t check, she’s coming, she’ll be here soon." AND I LISTENED TO HIM...DUH!! Can anyone say "oxytocin induced stupidity." He was very freaked out about the thought of having the baby without someone there, which I totally understand now...then, I was a little annoyed. Although to a certain extent I was nervous about checking too, because if I wasn’t complete I was going to kill someone. Now, during the time when I wasn’t allowed to push, he had my mom boil a big pot of water to heat up the water in the pool. While I was climbing the walls during contractions, he kept asking me, "can I go get the water now?" Uh...NO!!

So about 7:40 or so, DH calls MW and when he leaves the room I check myself...HALLELUJAH...NO CERVIX!! He comes back in, I tell him I’m complete, and his face goes white as a sheet. He says, "She says she’s complete...uh huh...ok...uh huh...ok...ok...bye." MW told him what to do over the phone, so he’s much calmer now, "don’t pull on anything, keep baby under the water until it’s all the way out, go slow." Once he had directions on what to do, he was fine...very calm and reassuring, and he just kept repeating those things to me while I pushed. In a brief flash of clarity, I told DH to turn on the video camera...which I’m really glad for, since we had no one to take pictures.

If you picture kneeling with your knees kind of far apart and then sitting back on your heels, that’s how I was pushing. It only took a few pushes and I could feel the baby’s head right at the opening. It was surreal to reach down and feel this little fuzzy hard thing there. I remember thinking, "That’s not really that big." Little did I know how much bigger it would get! I vocalized through all the pushing, mostly because I kept hearing DH say "go slow", so I had a very sore throat the next morning. It was 38 minutes from when I started pushing until he was born . MW happened to call back just as the full diameter of his head was crowning ("ring of fire" doesn’t cover it), so she got to "hear" him being born. I was kind of in my own little world once the head came out. I remember looking down into the water, and watching this little dark shape come out and turn to the left, and seeing an ear. MW told DH to have me check around the neck for a cord, which there wasn’t. It was a good thirty seconds until I had another contraction, so I just sat there feeling the head. It was incredible to feel an ear on this side, a nose over there, fuzzy hair...just incredible. I had another contraction, pushed really hard, and the whole body just slid out all at once, much faster than I expected. There was this second where time seemed to stand still for an instant and I looked down at this little body under the water and I didn’t have one, single thought in my head.. (You know in the movies where the scene freezes for an instant, but the character is still moving, and then the scene suddenly starts moving again? It was one of those.) I remember thinking "Oh my God." I picked him up and held him to my chest and rolled over on my side so I was leaning up against the side of the pool. I rubbed his back, and he made some gurgly noises and started mewling. No screaming or shrieking like DS#1 did when they took him out during the c-section...instead this was a surprisingly peaceful moment. No one sticking things in his nose or mouth, just letting his body do what it knew to. DH told MW, "We got baby" and I distinctly remember him giggling when baby started making noises. MW asked him if the cord was "thumping" so I felt it (another surreal experience to feel the lifeline to your baby pulsing under your fingers) and said yes, and she wanted to know how fast...which she told me later was the easiest way to measure baby’s pulse. DH put a towel over us and I asked him what time it was...our MW told him 8:18, since she knew we didn’t have a clock. He talked to her for another minute or so, (during which she says he was funny...very giddy...just like a first time dad) she told him to just have me hang out in the pool until she got there, and then he hung up. We put a hat on baby and just took a few minutes to enjoy the moment. Then he asked me if he could go get the water, and I said he did, and the warm up of the water is wonderful...but, he managed to burn his hand emptying the pot into the pool. When he went upstairs, he told mom, "We got a baby, but we don’t know what it is yet." And my mom told me later she thought, "How do you not know?" She didn’t realize we just hadn’t looked yet. After about ten minutes of staring in amazement at this new little baby, it finally occurred to me we don’t know if it is a girl or a we took a peek, and I said with a very shocked look on my face, "Oh my god, it’s a boy!" DH giggled some more and says "DS#1’s got a brother!" (We kinda intuitively thought we were having a girl, so we hadn’t really thought about boy’s names too much.) Eventually my mom came down and sat with me for a while, while DH looked after DS#1. I think it was a shock for her to see the difference in me between how I was immediately after giving birth to Dominic, compared to how I was in the recovery room after the c-section. I think she may now have a better understanding of what childbirth is supposed to be, and why DS#1’s delivery was so awful for us.

I didn’t expect the third stage contractions to be so strong. I was feeling them down my legs, just like the first stage ones, so that was pretty annoying. I also didn’t expect my butt to be so sore...someone I know once referred to birth as "shockingly rectal"...I would have to agree! MW got back at 8:50, and I thought I would get out of the pool to push out the placenta, but I could feel his cord tugging a little bit when I moved so I said I thought it was too short to stand up. DH cut the cord in the pool, and MW took baby in a warm towel and handed him to DH. Again, I thought I’d get out of the pool, but the contractions were still pretty strong so I decided to stay where I was. Two contractions ( I think) and I pushed out the placenta (THAT had to be the weirdest sensation ever) which MW scooped up into an ice cream bucket and closed up. I got out of the pool, got dried off, and into bed. MW checked me out, and I had one incredibly superficial 1/4" tear, and some skid marks. DH and I cuddled in bed with our new son while MW cleaned everything up and started laundry. Mom got me a piece of Gramma’s homemade lasagna, and we started calling family. Once everything was cleaned up, MW pulled out the placenta bucket and showed it to us and explained the parts. She said he had a nice thick cord, and a good strong sac. We finally got to sleep around 11:00 p.m. or so. What a long day!! (He was 8lbs. 2oz., 21 ½ in.)

I know I would not have been psychologically able to labor in a hospital. I had a hard enough time with the memories of the c-section being at home. I have no doubt that if I had been in a hospital I would have been sectioned again...probably about hour 18 or so. I never would have been "allowed" to go 28 hours for first stage. I think that despite how much I wanted a natural childbirth, I would have caved to the epidural, which likely would have led to other interventions and eventually another surgery. Even if we had transferred and if (and that’s a big if) I didn’t wind up with surgery, I still would have regretted going in and getting the epidural. I would look back and wonder "Could I have done it without it?" Instead, I KNOW that I can and did. I didn’t know I had that kind of strength. I’m so thankful that I had labor support who knew what I truly wanted, so when I was utterly exhausted and ready to give in, they didn’t let me.

I also believe that we were meant to birth him unassisted. Our MW had two assistants who could have been at the birth. When I went into labor, they were both out of town and unavailable. My dear friend, who was going to act as our doula, was out of state and unavailable. Another friend, who is also a doula and who offered to drive two hours to be with us had a migraine and couldn’t drive. That was the first migraine she’s had in years. That many people who could have been there and were all unavailable is just too coincidental to ignore. I know things happen for a reason. This birth doesn’t fix or heal what I was put through during DS#1’s delivery, in fact, right now it makes me angrier about it since I now know what was taken away from us. I still have a lot of healing to do, but if I ever needed to know if I am strong enough to do something, I can look back at this birth and know that I am.
December 12, 2005, 10:58 pm CST

oh please its only labor

oh my god dr. phil i cannot belive that you are so into feeling bad for your guest on the dec.9 for not getting drugs to num the pain for going into labor.when i had my first son i was only 118 lbs during labor gaining only 30 pounds you do the math. it pisses me off that you can feel so bad for her .i had two boys in wich i didnt use no kind of drugs.but i dont see you giving me any lifetime tvo or a big screen t.v. wich i deserve more than she stonger and more confidante than she is.i thought that was very wrong of incuriging women to drug up themselfs before bith i know i wouldnt want my kids to get an effect on drugs on there first minutes of life
January 18, 2006, 3:37 pm CST

Two Birth Stories- -

I was 18 when I got pregnant with my first child. My husband and I had only been married a few months and were trying, but I thought that because my mother had to use fertility drugs to conceive both my older sister and brother that I would have trouble, too. Boy were we surprised to find out I was wrong! The pregnancy was an easy one, though I gained 50 pounds, I had no morning sickness or swelling. I went from a slender 130 pounds to a massive 180. On Novemeber 11h, 2003, at 9:00 p.m. I began to feel my first contractions, though they were not really regular. By midnight, they were 20 minutes apart. I couldn't sleep all that night, because I was so scared that I'd fall asleep and wake up with my water broken or something. My husband worked third shift at the time, and when he came home at 6:00 a.m. the contractions were ten minutes apart. We waited at home for two hours before they were finally five minutes apart (which is when I had been told to call my OB). We went to the hospital, and were signed in and put into the only room with the birthing tub. I was sooo relieved, because I had wanted that room so bad. They told me all day long that they "might" send me home, because my labor didn't seem to be progressing at all. 


Well, after a full day in the hospital, and 24 hours in labor, I asked them to give me something to help me rest. They gave me something through my IV and I rested as best I could. The contractions were stronger and stronger, and by midnight on the 13th, they were finally so painful that I was in tears and yelling at everyone. Boy, I should have saved my energy! Emmalee wasn't born until 9:00 a.m. on the 13th. My mother, younger sister, and husband were in the room with me, and my older sister was on the phone with my mom the whole time. (She was living in Chicago at the time and we were in Ohio.) I tore very badly (it would be months before I could stand for more then five minutes without being in pain) and Emmalee was almost 10 pounds. Other then what they gave me the night before, which had long since worn off, I used no drugs. 


With my second child, who I got pregnant with when Emmalee was a year old, the pregnancy was even easier. I only gained 20 pounds, though I hadn't lost all of my weight from Emmalee's pregnancy yet. (Still had about 10-15 pounds left.) I felt my first contractions on Sunday afternoon and they were off and on every twenty minutes until Tuesday around 5:00 p.m. when I finally felt comfortable going the hospital (five minutes apart). When I was 6 cm. dilated, my midwife came in and said, "I cannot believe how calm you're looking, dont you know you're 6 cm dilated?" Xander was born in the early hours of the next morning. I didn't tear, and he was 8 pounds and 6 oz. I used absolutely no drugs this time, and had the birthing tub room again (YAY!). 


I am a HUGE advocate for birthing in water (which means no drugs for the actual delivery) or at least laboring some in water. It relaxed me and made even the worst contractions almost bearable. For Emmalee, I used an OB and for Xander a midwife. I was unhappy with the OB, who after being called and asked to come to the hospital because I was almost ready to push, stopped at his office and took his sweet time. Where as the midwife I used was there with me almost the entire time and even slept in the waiting room until I was ready to push. With the OB I was encouraged not to push until he arrived, though I felt the need to for a good half an hour before he got there. Midwife said to push anytime I felt I needed to and encouraged me to vocalize, which I most certainly did (haha). All in all, my experiences were night and day, and my children are too(Haha) though they're both certainly spirited and know exactly what they want,when they want it. 


That's all I have. : ) 

January 18, 2006, 3:39 pm CST

Birth Stories

Quote From: mctstyle

oh my god dr. phil i cannot belive that you are so into feeling bad for your guest on the dec.9 for not getting drugs to num the pain for going into labor.when i had my first son i was only 118 lbs during labor gaining only 30 pounds you do the math. it pisses me off that you can feel so bad for her .i had two boys in wich i didnt use no kind of drugs.but i dont see you giving me any lifetime tvo or a big screen t.v. wich i deserve more than she stonger and more confidante than she is.i thought that was very wrong of incuriging women to drug up themselfs before bith i know i wouldnt want my kids to get an effect on drugs on there first minutes of life

The only problem I had with that  lady is that she risked endangering her child to watch Dr. Phil. I love Dr. Phil, but when I'm in labor and know it's time to get to the hospital, I'm not going to stop and watch TV. She's lucky to have made it to the hospital, and that she didn't have to deliver on the side of the road! 

January 23, 2006, 6:55 am CST

My first...

Well i am a  mother of one and am expecting my 2nd  DD  some time this month.  So i will tell you about my first  delivery and update for the 2nd.  I  had just had a checkup and my Dr told me that i was at 3 cm and about 60% so we went home.  i had some last minute shopping to do and i wanted to be at home to make sure that i had all the things done that i wanted.  While we were at the mall i thought my water had broke because i had an unusual amount of liquid run down my leg in the baby gap.  we go home and call the hospital....they asked me to come in and they this point i hadnt had any contractions at all except for braxton i was wondering if they were going to start at all...i get to the hospital they check that point i am 3.5 almost 4 so they say walk for an hour or two and lets see if you start active labor.  i didnt.  however i got to 4.5 so they wouldnt let me go that point my choice was keep walking and spend the next however many hours in the hospital waiting for baby or pitocin....i opted for the pitocin....i asked my nurse how long it would take for the stuff to start my labor and she said it depended on how much of the natural chemical i had in my blood stream already...well what do you know the drug hits my system in less than a minute and i am having horrible contractions....i asked for something to take the edge off so that i could i had been there over night and hadnt slept at all....they started my pitocin at 4 am.  i was told that i could have more of my iv friend after 3 hours....unfortunently that wasnt true...i was checked at 8:45 and had hit 6 cm i told the nurse that i wanted the epidural...she said the guy was in a c section and he would be here right after....15 mins later she tells me he is here and i said it was too late...she said no way i said you wanna check?? exact words....sure enough i had gone from 6 to 9.5 in 15 mins...5 contractions later i started took me 21 mins to push and at 9:26 am i delivered my first beautiful daughter a healthy 6 lbs 11 oz and 18.5 inches.  she was fantastic...ten fingers ten toes and a heart the size of the world...she still is the best thing here i am at my last visit i was about 2 cm and waiting...i dont know if she will be here this week next week or next month...i am just excited to see her...i am also wondering what my labor will be like...i have had the same braxton hicks with her so i am wondering if they will be what sets me in motion this time...i am just glad that i didnt have the epidural...i was able to get up and walk ten mins after delivery although i wouldnt do it again because i almost fell down i just had to see her and i wanted to hug DH because even though he doesnt do blood he was there the whole time....and very supportive.  well i hope that someone gets a laugh or enjoys my story...i think that we cherish most that which is probably not the easiest accomplishment.....well that is all for now.  oh only moment of rudeness was when the BP cuff started up right in the middle of a nasty contraction....i cussed at it....but that is ok.....other than that i was very polite.  
January 25, 2006, 8:18 pm CST


Quote From: mason1210

Comments to Dr. Phil were harsh and rude.   Every lady is different and has their own choice to deliver natural or non-natural.  Some women don't actually have a choice in a case of emergency delivery's, such as mine.  Just because one chooses medication does not make them a bad person or mother.  If the medication were harmful to the baby, they would not be offered.  If the medications are there, why go through all the pain if you don't have to?  We are lucky to live in this day and age where we have CHOICES> 

I have to say that I agree to whats been said here. 


I had a very high risk delievery when I had my daughter due to me having Diabetes and having Pre-clamisa(Very High Blood Pressure). I had to have a epidural as my contractions were very painful due to having had my waters broken by the Doctor and also I had been induced as well and when you have been induced and had your waters broken your contractions start thick and fast. 


And so due to the pain my blood pressure was going sky high and the gas was not working so the Doctor said that I needed to have the epidural so that I wouldn't be risking my life or my unborn baby's live either. 


After I give birth my daughter was just fine, but I wasn't. My blood pressure and blood sugars went down hill big time and I nearly died, but thank God I didn't and I was ok by the next day. 


Anyway, why I told this story was so that some of you out there who believe that the only way to give birth is drugfree or epidural free please remember that some of us that had to have drugs and or epidurals really didn't have a choice as we could have risked our lifes or our unborn babies lives.  


So, yes it's great if you can go without drugs or epidurals to give birth BUT it's also ok if you have to have drugs or an epidural due to any high risks involved. 





January 31, 2006, 8:49 pm CST

He was watching over us


Let me tell you about my pregnancy. It was great until the 22nd week. I went into labor and I didn't know what was wrong with me. I was working and my back began to hurt and I had went to use the bathroom and something just wasn't right. The pain was dull but it hurt every now and again. I had felt that way for a few days so just for precaution I called my doctor and they told me to come on in and they would check me out. So I drove myself  there and when ever I got there they took me straight back and done an examination and I was dialated to 5. I was 24wks. I started freaking out. This was my first baby and I had no idea what was going on. Come to find out I have a incompetent cervix.They put me in the hospital on my head for 2 weeks. They had stopped the labor but I was very high risk I could not get out of the bed at all. In my 24th wk. I had my baby and the weird thing was my water never broke, it was bulging thru my cervix but never broke until she come thru the birth canal. I am assuming that were the water bag was bulging that it had cushioned her head.She did not have one brain bleed. You know that when they are born that early that they are most likely to have brain bleeds. She weighed 1lb.and 9.3oz. She stayed in the hospital for 85 days. She did have alot of problems with her lungs and she has had 6 eye surgeries. I thank God everyday for her. She is doing great still alot of catching up to do. She is 2 now and  weighs 21lbs. She has come a long way. He was watching over us and I know that if it wasn't for the prayers she wouldn't be here today.  

January 31, 2006, 11:42 pm CST




I would like to share our story for all of those people who are struggling with infertility.  We had been trying for 6 years to get pregnant and then eventually was referred to a fertility clininc where we were fortunate enouh to be able to start at IUI (intra-uterine insemination) One step lower than IVF.  We tried the procedure 3 times with two viable eggs all three times and on the fourth time we had 2 eggs, and low and behold, we were ecstatic to find out we were pregnant.  We had a beautiful healthy baby girl who is now 4.  Two years later, we decided to try to have another baby and went straight to the fertility clinic where they performed the same procedure.  The first procedure, I produced 12 eggs and they had to cancel the insemination to eliminate the risk  of multiples.  The second procedure, I  produced three viable eggs, and the Doctor asked if we were allright having triplets (joking) saying our chances were 6% that all 3 eggs would take.  We found out we were pregnant, and had a difficult week, as I started to bleed and  passed a clot that looked to be a miscarriage.  We went for an ultrasound to check everything out.  The ultrasound   technician said we were having twins, which was quite shocking considering that, in our minds, we were  going there for them to tell us  that   we  had lost the pregnancy.  We were ecstatic, until the ultrasound technician said " I see something else".  She found another embryo with no heartbeat that was empty.  The Doctor said that we must have had triplets, but lost one and that would explain the bleeding.  We were so happy becasue we were going to have twins.  We went along with the pregnancy as normal and then went for another routine ultrasound at 20 weeks.  The ultrasound     technician looked and left the room immediately and went to get another technician.  I was terrified, "What was wrong with our babies"  My husband and Mom were outside in the waiting room.  Three ultrasound technicians came in and started looking, then asked if My husband was here?  I was scared!  They went to get my husband and asked him to sit down.  They then showed us on the screen, Here is Baby #1, Baby#2, and way over here is Baby #3.  There on the screen were three healthy babies.  We were shocked and ecstatic that everyhting was OK.  The pregnancy went on as normal could be for carrying triplets and I delivered them by C-section at 33 weeks.  We had a girl who weighed 3 lbs, 1 oz, a boy who weighed 4 oz, and another girl who weighed 3 lbs, 4oz.  They  stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks and were all sent home healthy and strong.  There is hope for people trying to get pregnant and our story can prove that it is possible (and then some!!!)  My only advice to people is to try and stay as positive as you can possibly be!!!  


Trips Plus 1  

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February 6, 2006, 11:11 pm CST

my first baby

my baby was due on the 24th and my husbands birthday was the 20th, everybody was joking about how they might have the same bday, well i woke up at 6.30am on my husbands bday with major pains, i was getting contractions every 5mins and we all wonder if they would have the same bday, anyway my contractions continued to come every 5mins and were getting stronger, my midwife came to see me at lunchtime and i was told i hadnt even started to dialate, the next day my midwife came back and by then my contractions were coming every 3mins i was told i was 3cm dialated and was told to go to the hospital, when we got to the hospital i was asked if it was ok if a student  stayed in my room to watch my delivary, that was fine with me, my midwife told me to get in the bath to help the contractions but to me they felt 10 times worse in the water, so i got out all i wanted to do was sit on the toilet, lol, at 9pm  my waters still hadnt broken so my midwife broke them for me, the student was really nice to me and was better than my midwife, eventually at midnight i was told to start pushing finally my baby boy was born at 12.26am on the 22nd unfortunatly when they were removing the after birth it snapped and went back inside me so they had to use tongs to get it out, all i can remember after that was my husband looking at me and saying 'i never ever want to put you through that again' lol. my boy was born at 56cms long and around 8pounds, he was so perfect and even though it hurt for over 41hrs i wouldnt hestitate to do it all again it was so worth it!
March 7, 2006, 10:42 pm CST

horrible delivery

I gave birth to my son last june. I had a normal pregnancy. The health care I was given was very poor though. I guess i am posting this to make other people aware that some really bad things can happen due to overlooking routine checks. I was 21 when I gave birth. I was in the care of a family physician during most of my pregnancy. I was then put in the care of a ob/gyn when i was about 30 weeks. I was only given 3 ultrasounds. The last one being when i was 6 1/2 months. My ob'gyn was very over booked.  When he did my first cerviacal exam he very rough and i was in pain for several days. The day i deleivered was  june 23. My contrations started at 5 am and were 5 mintues apart. By 7 am they were 3 mintes apart and by 8 they were about 1-2 minutes. My nursr didn't give me a IV until 9 am. I was then administered a epidural. After it was put in place she checked me and my babys foot was hanging out, No medication at this time was given to me. I was rushed for a emergency delivery. I was 9 cm dialated. The baby had to be ripped out in a matter of minutes to help insure his life. I was torn almost all the way. The baby was facing up so they had to turn him, They  also used forecepts to pry me open even wider. The whole time i was praying to hold on and begging god to let my baby live.  the pain was so severe. pure agony. I had several stitches. my stitches never healed and i developed wounds which got infected. i battled infections for 4 months. i have bad scarring. i am  unable to have intercourse or even sit in some positions comfortably. i have bad nightmares and flash backs. the greatest thing about this story is my son is alive and well. he never cried after being born or our entire time at the hospital. he only really cries in the privacy of our home.  this could have been prevented if they checked the posistion of the baby.  the health care providers failed me. I was brushed off from one person to the next. nobody gave my baby or i the attention we deserved. I just want to encourage all mothers to be informed and demand what needs to be done. I have to live with their mistakes for the rest of my life because i trusted they would do their best   

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