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Created on : Friday, April 21, 2006, 10:15:01 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 04/24/06) Have you ever been so fed up with your spouse's behavior that you’ve considered giving him or her an ultimatum? Dr. Phil talks to guests who say their marriage is on the rocks, and they need help reconnecting. Barbara calls her stepdaughter, Ambreah, "a monster." She says she inherited “the little thing" when her husband, Ed's, ex-wife was in a tragic car accident. Ambreah no longer lives with them, but Barbara says if Ed brings her back into their house, she'll leave. Should Ed be forced to choose between his wife and his child? Then, Bobby, a country music singer, says his wife, Danyel's, jealous ways are pushing him to the brink. She curses out other women, checks his cell phone records and accuses him of cheating on her. Bobby says if Danyel doesn't stop her behavior, he's ready to go solo. Is Bobby giving Danyel a reason to sing the blues? Talk about the show here.

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April 24, 2006, 7:22 am CDT

04/24 The Final Ultimatum

It is unbelievable to see just how many people there are out there who will do absolutely ANYTHING to hold on to a spouse, lover, or partner!  I have seen this time and again on Dr. Phil's show and others like it.  My goodness people, is there such a shortage of decent people out there that you have to hang on to a relationshiop that is so clearly toxic!  Are there that many out there that are so desperate for companionship that you are will to sacrifice your children in order to fulfill your own needs.   


So many children are sacrificed in order for the parent to continue with  what most of the time seems to be an unhealthy relationship.  How many mature, rational parents out there would stay married to someone that asks you to choose between the marriage and your child?   In addition to an ultimatum, consider also that your partner or spouse wishes to harm you child.  I feel confident that most parents would end a relationship that could potentionly be dangerous for their child. My heart goes out to those children whose parents choose otherwise. 

April 24, 2006, 7:23 am CDT

whats wrong with this picture?

                                               i've only been watching for 5 min. and i want too rip her head one should come between you and your child...he should show her the door....i hope he choose's his daughter over this witch
April 24, 2006, 7:33 am CDT


What a clueless, poor excuse for a father this man Ed is.  HE SHOULD HANG HIS HEAD IN SHAME FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE TO HIS DAUGHTER.  




You two make my stomach turn.  Somebody please be the grown-up here (preferrably Ed) and help this child.  She needs unconditional love, acceptance and healing.  If you don't step up to the plate Ed and protect this child, emotionally as well as physically, you should burn in hell.  

April 24, 2006, 7:36 am CDT

Final Ultimatum

Dr. Phil, I can't beleive this woman, saying she would hurt this child, if her husband doesn't get her out!!!!!!!  This child has been through so much and now her stepmom is giving her husband a ultimatum. How dare her, if he was smart he would get out of this realationship and move on. This child can not help what happen to her Mom. And to say she hates her, to me she needs to pray. I hope God forgives her for that. And for her Dad to leave her with friends that just makes me sick. He is thinking between his legs than his daughter. This child should be taking out of this so called family. This man had a an affair, how sorry is that. His child needs him right now. If I had to pick this stepmom would be out of there now. I wish I could talk to her, she needs a wake up call now!!!!!!!!! Ihope she does leave, they say alot of stepmom are mean, and now I beleive it. I know there r some good. My twin sister just lost lost her child in Aug in a car wreck. And all she wants is her baby back. And this woman has children, she doesn't deserve the name mother cause she not. My advice for is to hit the road lady, my child is more important than u if he's smart.  
April 24, 2006, 7:38 am CDT

I can not believe this woman!

Is this woman for real?  Who on earth could think such awful thoughts about a child who has already experienced so much tragedy in her life?  Barbara said that this child urinated in her car.  It sounds to me like she is terrified of Barbara and cannot control herself.  That, to me, sounds like the behavior of an abused chid.  I think that the father needs to step up to the plate and get this woman out of the home.  How dare he disrupt his daughter's life EVEN MORE by moving her out and keeping this woman in the home?  I will be praying for this child.
April 24, 2006, 7:50 am CDT

Bad "dad"

That first story was so sad.  That poor little girl!  Can you imagine all that she has been through.  I wish Dr. Phil would have already called CPS.  What is wrong with that guy to send your daughter away to live with friends.  I can't believe the woman admitted to wanting to kill a 6-year old.
April 24, 2006, 7:50 am CDT

04/24 The Final Ultimatum

Quote From: dmilioto

Are they all a different shade of gray?  I mean the stories about step-parents and step-children.  I wait to see Barbara's story about her "monster" step-daughter.  I anticipate it as similar to others dealing with step-families.  I suspect though something will be missing from the story, something important (in my view).    


A famous therapist was asked, "what are the two most important things in a successful relationship according to most professionals in the field?"  Surprisingly, he didn't know that friendship and communication are.  Really though I think there is only one:  wisdom, as does this not include the former?  Will I think after watching the show that this is what Barbara needs?  I think so.  We all do.  And the sooner we acquire this illusive gift, the sooner we become at peace with ourselfs and others.  In time Barbara will grow wise.  She'll look back at the problems she had with her step-daughter as her wisdom begins cutting deeply into her thoughts leaving only the remains of . . . regret.   

Ambreah can't wait for Barbara to gain wisdom.  She needs love and protection NOW.  If not, this child will live with abuse and continue the cycle in her life.  I come from a blended family and though it was not alsways smooth sailing I ALWAYS knew that I was safe and loved.  My mother would have sent my step-dad to the curb if he EVER acted in a way that wasn't supportive and nurturing.  He didn't always do things the way that she did but it was never vindictive.
April 24, 2006, 7:51 am CDT

I am so disgusted!

 How can this man sit there and listen to this woman say that she hates his daughter, his own flesh and blood over and over again? There should be no reason that he's tolerating this behavior from this woman. Ambreah is greiving right now, she missing the love and attention from both parents. This poor child is being emotionally neglected and abused from the father and totally abused from the step-mother.   

April 24, 2006, 7:53 am CDT

Ed needs to get his priorities straight!

If anyone should have left the house it's Barbara not Ed's daughter. It sounds like Ed is more concerned with himself than anyone including his daughter. It sure is convenient for Ed that his daughters mother was injured in a car accident so he could move on with his affair.  


Regardless of the problems in your marriage to your daughter's mother, you owe your daughter the time to grieve and to be as supportive of her as possible, seek counseling if needed. 


Barbara - you don't deserve to have that little girl in your life. You clearly have no morals since you were already having an affair with Ed before his wife was in her accident. Perhaps you should go work on yourself before you ruin this young child's chance at a decent life.  



April 24, 2006, 8:03 am CDT

04/24 The Final Ultimatum

I am so upset right now.I just watched this and I REALLY do not know how to feel right now.I am SHOCKED,ANGRY,CONFUSED,AND VERY DISAPPOINTED with this father. I my self am a step mom of a BEAUTIFUL 41/2 y/o daughter and I feel what this family has done to this little girl is HORRIBLE. I love my stepdaughter so very much .She means as much to me as my own 2 daughters do.I am so involved with my step-daughter's life that it is uneal.I have been in her life since she was 4 months old and would NEVER think of giving my husband and ultimatum of me or his d-aughter.This father on todays show needs a HUGE wake up call .. That poor little girl.I feel so bad for her.I want to take  her into my home and wrap my arms around her(like I know she needs terribly) and show her how she so deserves to be treated an d loved. He REALLY needs to put the wife OUT and go get his daughter and love her and show her that she is his  #1 in his life. I would never expect my husband to choose me over his daughter just as I would never choose my husband(as much as i love him) over my girls. IF ED cannot go and take  his daughter home with just him and keep her out of danger than Dr.Phil needs to do just what he said he will and contact Child Protective Services and SAVE this little  girl before it's too late..  PLEASE ED,  SAVE your daughter. Step-mom keep your hands OFF!!!!! I am glad that the step-mom was completly honest with Dr.Phil so that he knew the REAL situation and I do respect her for that but how dare her do this to this father and daughter and ESP. the daughter...
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