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Created on : Thursday, June 30, 2005, 12:48:44 pm
Author : dataimport
What is your parenting style, and is it meshing with your child's personality? Are you an authoritarian or a permissive parent? And is your child rebellious or passive? There's no magic formula, so use this message board as a tool to define your styles, problem-solve, find support and share ideas.

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July 3, 2009, 1:26 pm CDT

Should i get a job &take my daughter to pre-school?

My daughter is 3 years 9 months, she doesn't want to go to Kg., and i want to get a job. Lucky me i find a job in her school, but still she wants to stay home one year more. She doesn't want me to leave the house  or get a job. She said (mamy please i want to sleep, mamy please i want to stay home). I don't know what to do, is she still young to go to Kg.?

Please i need help, tell me what you think, i feel so guilty, i feel i'm a bad mother , am i?           

July 24, 2009, 1:42 pm CDT

You will always be their father

Quote From: lizabeth214

I dont even want to see my kids any more...I try and try to be a good father and a role modle..I am a fire man and I am very protective of my kids, but their mother is the total opposite and she tells the kids to lie to me...I just found out my son was smokine weed..and she didn't even care...she took him to take a blood test and was like ...see he is ok...But my son confessed to me I told her..and she just hung up on me...I call the kids all the time just to make sure that they are ok and she tells them not to was the last straw..I was talking to my kids because they didn't tell me that they didn't have school and they never answered my calls..she didn't even answer my calls and she said it was not my business were the kids were....and my son told me he didn't want to hear it any more..for me to stop talking to him mom like that...I was sooo angry..I told him not to come over any more..he is 17..thats just half of it....omg
As in my title you will always be their father.  You need to stand firm and try to get along with the mother.  When I was divorced I hated my husband, my daughter was five.  Two years later God answered my prayers and now we are friends.  We do things together with his wife and step children.  He does not see his daughter much at all anymore for some reason.  She has paid the price with rebellion, and costing me a lot in therapy for her which she blocks out.  She looks to guys for attention she is 14 yrs old.  If she had her father in her life I think things would be better.  As a single mom I can only do so much.  I cant feel the hole in her heart from this.  I pray and ask God to come into her life and protect her.  I do discipline my child.  She sees me as weak but her father as strong.  When she does see him her eyes light up.  I pray everyday that he will see the light.  He is a goo dad but not to his own.  Children need their fathers in their lives even if they dont admit to it they do.  They hold their feelings inside.  I see the pain in my childs life.  Dont make that mistake.  Sounds like  you are a good dad, but dont ever give up on them, they are yours.  God bless you in your life with your kids.
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