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Topic : 04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?

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Created on : Friday, March 31, 2006, 12:55:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Admit it, you've judged people for doing things you considered inappropriate and abnormal in public. Meet Margaret, a stay-at-home mom who's tired of everyone thinking sex is taboo. She says she absolutely loves sex and she'll talk about it anytime, anywhere ... and with all of her kids. This includes showing them her sex toys, her sex swing and her X-rated Web site! But that's not all. Margaret is in a relationship with another woman, Jen, and Jen's husband. Now that she's pregnant, both women say they plan on breastfeeding the baby. Then, meet a husband who sometimes uses the F word six times in one sentence! Plus, meet three kids who think their mom dresses too sexy, and follow a woman's quest to change people's behavior in the grocery store, one shopper at a time. Join the discussion.

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July 15, 2006, 12:21 pm CDT

Divider Dilema

I am a teacher and I TIVO all the Dr. Phil shows so I just watched this one lately. I am just amazed at how this lady really thought she was right. It is the person in the BACK that is responsible for putting the divider up. I would be furious if I got home with extra merchandise. My husband and I are both teachers and the extra money could be devastating. That is just wrong! She needs to learn what the actual "rules" are before she does something that immature again. Her major problem is that she is wrong. If she wants the divider put up, put it up. I have never in my life heard of the person behind me putting it there. I just think she needs to be told how it is! I am not sure where she is from, and maybe things are different in other parts of the country. But as far as I know in Texas, you put the divider in front of your purchase, not behind.
August 13, 2006, 8:07 pm CDT

shopping bar

Hi dr phil. I am in australia and usualy we see these topics a few weeks to months later than when aired on american tv, and have watched this particular show in disbelief... this woman needs to get a life !!!!!!          I don't know what is the Norm for american  supermarkets, but here in australia, when you come up to a check out,  you put the bar down  and start loading your groceries then, that way the check out person knows when they come to the end of the shopper they are serving before you... pretty simple HUH !!!!!!!       oh and also they provide 2 bars, so there's no problem in helping yourself to one if the other shopper is hogging one...
August 16, 2006, 11:33 pm CDT


I too am in Australia and have just watched the show.........

I am a married mother with a healthy respect and enjoyment of sex, and am horrified at what I just watched! I would not allow my children to be friends with Margarets children! The whole situation seems to be a huge wreck waiting to happen.

How old is Margaret? I am in my 30's and cannot believe Margaret didn't know ANYTHING by the time she was 16 years - this suggests she had a major problem fitting in with her peers! The whole story stinks.......there is something wrong with an adult who wishes to talk sexually explicitly around, never mind to, their children. 

If it were all true and Margaret was totally ignorant by the time she was 16 years, (despite having healthy relationships with her peer groups) she is the first parent I have met who thought innocence was an awful circumstance for a 16 year old . Most of my family and friends would love for our children to enjoy that level of innocence for as long as possible......the world today demands our children grow up far too quickly and have to deal with issues that are difficult and confusing enough for adults never mind kids. 

Perhaps Margaret should truthfully ask herself why she exposes her children the way she does. If she is really on a crusade against ignorance (as she implies), would she not have educated herself through psychological study etc and armed herself with other peoples studied experiences instead of just experimenting blindly on her children?


In regards to the supermarket bully....grow up! What, you can't pick up the damn divider and do it yourself? The rest of society is too busy to really care about the are mean.


April 24, 2007, 3:20 pm CDT

Purity Ball


     I felt somewhat uneasy and disturbed when the girl said, "Being in your father's arms all night, what girl doesn't dream of that." Like Dr. Phil mentioned, it’s a bit to close for comfort. Romantic relationships and what should be the relationship between a father and his daughter, are too closely intertwined. I believe that the idea behind is sweet in a world where promiscuity and reckless has taken over, especially being so prominent among teenagers. However, taking it to the point of this type of ceremony is over the top and freaky. In the long run this will only create confusion and psychological damage. A more constructive way of promoting good behavior and proper thinking is instilling strong family values as the child grows up. This way the decision comes from the profoundness of her heart and not just fear or guilt. These morals firmly based and are carried out throughout life. Growing up this way does not only help in this issue but in many more faced in life and there is no amount of peer pressure that will persuade her to change her mind.


       This ceremony just seems like a brainwashing technique, where the girls will feel guilty and dirty for thinking or even looking at a boy before getting to the altar. This is manipulative and blackmail. This can also potentially lead to the ladies being submissive and rationalizing abuse by their husbands because to get divorced is taboo, and they are already "used and cheap".



                                        ALL THIS DAMAGE, JUST FOR THE FATHER'S PIECE OF MIND. 

There are other ways to educate your daughters.  


May 1, 2007, 8:06 pm CDT

misled feelings

I had my first kiss at age 16 lost my virginity at 22 and finally engaged at age 26! Yes I think sex should be a sacred act between two people that love eachother. Whether you should wait til you're married- I don't think so necessarily. If you only experience that one time let it be a kiss or sex your feelings may be misled because you have only experienced those new feelings once with that one person. With the rate of divorce now anyway whats the point make sure you are having those feelings for the right reason.
November 11, 2007, 9:14 am CST

That Is Not Appropriate!



Margeret needs to stop what she is doing and she needs to stop exposing her underage children to things that they can't handle.  Why would you allow a 14 year-old to look at an X-rated porn site?  Minors are not allowed to look at any other porn sites on the internet, go to strip clubs, pose nude, buy porn, or have intercourse with an adult, so why should your sexual behaviors be any different in terms of the law?  It is also illegal for minors to play with sex toys.  Lady, it is illegal, get that and get that straight through your thick skull!

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