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Topic : 04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?

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Created on : Friday, March 31, 2006, 12:55:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Admit it, you've judged people for doing things you considered inappropriate and abnormal in public. Meet Margaret, a stay-at-home mom who's tired of everyone thinking sex is taboo. She says she absolutely loves sex and she'll talk about it anytime, anywhere ... and with all of her kids. This includes showing them her sex toys, her sex swing and her X-rated Web site! But that's not all. Margaret is in a relationship with another woman, Jen, and Jen's husband. Now that she's pregnant, both women say they plan on breastfeeding the baby. Then, meet a husband who sometimes uses the F word six times in one sentence! Plus, meet three kids who think their mom dresses too sexy, and follow a woman's quest to change people's behavior in the grocery store, one shopper at a time. Join the discussion.

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April 7, 2006, 8:29 am CDT

Sick doesn't fully define this one

Quote From: pnl_36




I was angered and sickened by this woman.  I don't care how she tries to justify the way she raises her children, the bottom line is that it is still child abuse.  I can't seem to shake how much this segment affected me.  If Dr. Phil supports this womans values in any way I feel that he is imoral and I will lose all respect that I felt for him.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a bible thumper, but I do have morals and right is right and wrong is wrong...this woman is just plain sick.  If there is any justice, someone will remove these children from their nitwit parent's home before they are totally ruined.
April 7, 2006, 8:37 am CDT

Moral Fiber

We have a whole generation of kids having kids that have little or no moral fiber.Pushing the limits of sexual conduct trying to discover some new sexual ideas that they believe no other generation has been before. It's much like the gay community trying to recruit prospects for  sexual pleasure. People believe if they push the limits of sexuality that they are making a statement much like the 60's generation. Indeed it was this generation who started down the road of moral decline and intense sexual obscurity. Our children who are now "adults" have been taught a true sense of immorality and have been severly dumbed down by society in general. I fear this line that has been crossed, there is no return. Future generations will pay the price where we have failed in being true to morality. Churches have failed, TV has failed, etc.Dr. Phil may believe he is helping but for all intents and purposes he is just digging a deeper hole for people to drop money into for shrinks, doctors and drug sales IMHO. 
April 7, 2006, 8:37 am CDT

04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?

Quote From: ctmale30

I've always been concerned when people go into a store, and they decide to open up a package of cookies or a candy bar, eat it while they shop, then present the empty wrapper at the checkout! Is this considered shoplifting? If I was a manager and saw this happen in my store, I'd have to address a shoplifting issue with that customer! What does anyone else think about this?
If they pay for the items, it is not shoplifting.  Shoplifting is when you leave the store with items in which you did not pay for.
April 7, 2006, 8:43 am CDT

Dr. Phil was too soft!

Dr. Phil was tougher on the lady who couldn't stand not having the order divider between orders at the supermarket than he was with the two women who post X-rated photos of themselves on the internet! Those ladies are DIRECTLY hurting and traumatizing their children by sharing too much about their sex lives with them, and all he could say to them was "Well, this is America." Why did he let them off so easy?!?
April 7, 2006, 8:53 am CDT

Dr. Phil, this message is for you.

About the lady with the free reign on sex, can't you do something to have those children removed from that home?  I am all for being up front and honest about sex but that has to be age-appropriate and does not have to include x-rated pictures, of your own mother!.  This woman is definately sick.  Dr. Phil, you always instruct people to be the children's voice because the children have no voice.  Be these children's voice. 
April 7, 2006, 8:54 am CDT



My mother never taught me about sex.  Her explanation of french kissing was 'the male inserts his tongue into the female's mouth and they exchange saliva'.  When I said that was gross and asked if Daddy ever did that to her, she turned all shades of red and said "Well, yes, but only on special ocassions."  I knew asking about oral sex was ABSOLUTELY out of the question.   


At 16, I used birth control to the best of my knowledge.  If I had sex, we used a condom.  If we wanted to do it again, we turned it inside out and used the other side - because there was spermicide on both sides - right?  I stole a pack of birth control pills from a lady I babysat for and if we were going to have sex, I'd take one.  When I got pregnant, I wouldn't let him touch me because I didn't want to have twins.  I knew if we continued to do it, I would have a full litter just like my dogs and guinea pigs - who were always doing it.  Funny but very sadly true. 


When my daughter was 5, a neighbor had aC section.  She came home hysterical and told me to call Aunt Maggie and tell her not to have her baby - the doctors were going to cut her stomach open and rip the baby out.  After calming her down, I told her there was a special place babies come out - its called a vagina, and all girls have one.  She wanted to see it, so I put her in the tub and showed it to her.   


Through the years, I have had a comfortable open relationship with my kids regarding sex.  My 17 year old son asked me what PMS was and if girls liked their nipples played with like his dog did, and we could talk about those things.  My daughter felt comfortable enough to say she wanted to be on birth control.  They brought their friends home to talk because they couldn't talk to their parents.  I ALWAYS had parents encourage it because they were too embarrased.  Why? Sex is nothing to be ashamed of - we all do it but no one can talk about it.  It's crazy. 


I was not nearly as open or graphic with my kids as these too ladies were, but I don't see anything wrong with it.  They're not involved in the sexual practices or allow them to watch 'Mommy in th swing'.  The body is natural and nudity in the home breeds acceptance of body image.  You are comparing apples and oranges when you talk about their web site.  That's an extra-curricular activity that they do in addition to their home life.  Their kids are not on the site and showing it to the 14 year old who is old enough to understand takes away the curiosity.  I applaud them for the limited use allowed on the computer.  I trust they are monitoring where they go when they are on it.   


As for my children?  They are now 30 and 27.  They adopted good and important principles.  My daughter got through her teen years pregnancy free.  My son was a virgin when he got married to a wonderful girl he dated for 6 years.  He is college educated and an ordained minister at a baptist church (oh, did I forget to say they were raised in the church?).  They have two wonderful children  


Do I think the Moms are extreme?  Yes.  Do I think they go over the line - yeah, probably.  I could not share my partner with someone else in my home, but if it works for them, who am I to disagree.  Breastfeeding by two moms might actually be a convenience so they don't have to be tied to the baby 24/7.  But it is their life and they are teaching the kids things they will learn about anyway.  I didn't hear anything perverted or even illegal if you ask me.  I didn't hear Dr. Phil bring up one bit of evidence that the children are not happy, healthy and well-adjusted.  He always does his research in those areas, so they must be doing something right.  Unfortunately, our society is so judgemental, that they won't think to look at that.  They will only look at how these people choose to live their private lives in their own home.   


Thank you Dr. Phil for bringing this topic to light. 

April 7, 2006, 8:56 am CDT


Quote From: ctmale30

I've always been concerned when people go into a store, and they decide to open up a package of cookies or a candy bar, eat it while they shop, then present the empty wrapper at the checkout! Is this considered shoplifting? If I was a manager and saw this happen in my store, I'd have to address a shoplifting issue with that customer! What does anyone else think about this?
if you pay for it, why would it be shoplifting???
April 7, 2006, 8:59 am CDT

Thank you!

Quote From: specialred

you know what, I am so sick of cashiers getting such a bad rap.  I'm a cashier.  I'm twenty.  I greatly appreciate it when people use dividers, as do the rest of my cashier comrades, as it makes it quite distinguishable to us where your purchase ends and another begins.  Let me just say, it gets quite mind-numbing to stand at a register for 8-10 hours a day, dealing with some of THE most obnoxious people in society, whose main problem is exactly that:  they think we are stupid.  You know what?  Try being a little bit more considerate of the people who are WAITING on you... its a thankless job, and the majority of us work very hard, and try very hard to be nice and tactful, despite the thousands of rude and hurtful things that are said to us.  This just goes to show you, most people have lost all consideration for other people... the minute you imply that all cashiers are stupid and lazy is the minute you have lost all the respect i may have had for you at any point in time. 

I'm a cashier and I'm far from 20.  You are right when you say that it is a thankless job.  We do work hard and make every effort to treat our customers and their purchases with respect.  The same respect we hope to receive.  I don't mind moving the divider between customers.  I appreciate it when my customers make it clear to me what is theirs and what is not.  You'd be surprised how inconsiderate people are when it comes to loading things on the conveyor belt. 


What just blows me away is when people start yelling at you before you've even rung up one of their items.  They want to make an 'impression' on you to take care of their things and that is the way they have decided to do it.  I have gone so far as to ask a customer 'what did you think I was going to do?'  To which they answered, 'well, I just wanted you to know I was watching you so you won't mess anything up.'  I guess we have to blame some of our 'brain dead' co-horts for giving the customers this impression.  Too bad! 

April 7, 2006, 9:00 am CDT

shopping divider

The divider goes BETWEEN orders... why would I put it behind MY order?  Until YOU put YOUR order down, there is no "between".
April 7, 2006, 9:00 am CDT

Why not talk about sex?

I'm all for communicating with my children, no matter what the subject is.  Sex is often a taboo subject, many people think it is wrong, or disgusting, or unnatural.  It is not unnatural, or wrong, or disgusting when you do it with a respectable partner who respects you and themself.  Respect is the key here, that is important as well as love.  Some people do have sex addictions and that is not what I am talking about here.   


I think it is important to talk with our kids and use the correct language, use of words.  My son is three and has discovered his penis, when he asked me what it was I told him it was his penis, I didn't use words like, peepee or thingy.  When my daughter gets old enough to wonder I will tell her that she has a vagina.  There is nothing wrong with educating your children, especially when it comes to their own body, they cannot be ashamed of themselves.  There is nothing to be ashamed about.   


Masterbation has been proven, just like how sex has been proven, that it is a stress reliever.  Now, I wouldn't go tell my children to masterbate because they were stressed, I would suggest other options, but masterbation is normal as well.  And kids will experiment with their bodies just like everyone else has.   


The relationship that the three people have with each other is their business.  It's not how I want to live, I am happy being married to my husband and we have two great kids.  I haven't seen the show so I can't really say anything about the relationship.  Some people do live like that, it's no concern to me. 


Just  a few of my thoughts on sex.  Everyone have a great day and blessed be. 

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