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Topic : 04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?

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Created on : Friday, March 31, 2006, 12:55:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Admit it, you've judged people for doing things you considered inappropriate and abnormal in public. Meet Margaret, a stay-at-home mom who's tired of everyone thinking sex is taboo. She says she absolutely loves sex and she'll talk about it anytime, anywhere ... and with all of her kids. This includes showing them her sex toys, her sex swing and her X-rated Web site! But that's not all. Margaret is in a relationship with another woman, Jen, and Jen's husband. Now that she's pregnant, both women say they plan on breastfeeding the baby. Then, meet a husband who sometimes uses the F word six times in one sentence! Plus, meet three kids who think their mom dresses too sexy, and follow a woman's quest to change people's behavior in the grocery store, one shopper at a time. Join the discussion.

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April 7, 2006, 7:23 am CDT

Reading some of the posts and had to say...

I had to stop watching Phil because of the gross sex fanatics, so I don't know the whole story.  I'm talking about the lady who wants people to use the divider when they are at the grocery store.  I am with her 100%.   


Here's the problem I have had.  When the person behind me doesn't use the divider, I usually end up with several of their items before I can get the brain-dead teenaged cashier to stop mindlessly running things by the scanner.  The customer behind me is too busy looking at the Soap Opera Digest to notice.  I put the divider up if the person responsible (the next customer or the person behind me) neglects to do so.  I don't make much of it, and I don't expect them to make anything of it either.  The strange part is the only person who seems to mind is the brain-dead teenager.  They absolutely hate having to put that extremely heavy piece of plastic back the eight inches it moved away from its origin.  It makes me want to laugh when they roll their eyes because the divider totally ruined their day!  LOL. 

April 7, 2006, 7:24 am CDT

She isn't.

Quote From: shemac3

I was honestly SICK TO MY STOMACH listening to Margaret and her 3 way LOVE SEX triangle.  I Can't believe that she is showing those precious children sex toys at the age of 3!!!  What the heck is she thinking.  How gross it must be for the children to see THEIR OWN parents SEX toys and listen to the noises they make while having sex.  Unbelievable!!!  Also, to totally humiliate the 14yr old daughter by telling the friend, who called, that she was in masturbating.  What the HECK are you thinking??  Also, as far as I'm concerned, that web site of yours sounds more like a porn site.  As far as I'm concerned, you are an exhibitionist and the guy on the show using the 'F' word sounded like he had much more common sense than you and your girlfriend/ least he is open to change for the children's sake!!!   I don't think Dr Phil was hard enough on you.    :(
She isn't thinking that is the problem. Dr. Phil nailed it. This is her way of running her own agenda and telling her parents  F* YOU. CPS needs to be involved, and the adults need to be jailed. Dr. Phil Wasn't hard enough on her, probably because he knew it wouldn't do any good. Did you see how many times, she rolled her eyes? She was there to defend her position, not change it,  I am sure Dr. Phil knew that any amount of talking to her would fall on deaf ears.
April 7, 2006, 7:26 am CDT

04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?




April 7, 2006, 7:27 am CDT


As a family counselor, I appreciate openness in a family.. but what you have here is a family without appropriate boundaries! I was shocked as to how closed the guests were to any feedback. They weren't open to hearing another opinion; they were there to justify their own.  There is SOOO much more to sex than the physical aspect. Telling a child that they are absolutely special and worthy of such love means there's a committment there by the other person before engaging in sex.  It's not simply physical. I've counseled enough girls who gave themselves to their boyfriends, only regretting it later when they matured, because they realize what a special and intimate part of themselves they gave away.   

I just wanted to yell at the couple: "Its not about you." And while, I commend openness and honesty, this is extreme. There are some things that people want to share just with the one they love-- not their "parents".  The whole situation floors me. And their entire "marriage" models and says-- "its all about your need to feel satisfied.. I cannot feel satisfied with just your dad.. so I need another woman here."  Do what makes you happy. Well commitment, mature committment is about sacrifice. The reason why most couples go into marriage therapy is  becauase at some level, they feel their partner is not wiling to sacrifice a bit of themselves... They feel they are a lower priority than other things in their life.  It's a shame Dr.  Phil wasn't a bit harder on them, but I think he realized they were incredibly closed and he was just trying to get them to the "consider this" phase. 

It's really all so sad.  

April 7, 2006, 7:28 am CDT

Divider Bar

This message is to the lady with the Divider Bar obession.  GET A LIFE!!!!   There is great book on the market that might help you and it's called "Don't sweat the Small Stuff".  Most people don't like going to the grocery store and are usually in a hurry to get out.  They don't have time to think about the divider bar and if they do, it's nice but no big deal.  GET OVER IT.
April 7, 2006, 7:30 am CDT


You ARE being abusive to your children, they are minors and have absolutely no idea what sex is all about and neither do you. Get a clue, you are not educating your children, you are ruining them, disagree all you want lady, just wait til they become adults, you will see, you are involving them in things they should not be and as far as I am concerned you are a sexual predator, Keep your sex life and toys in your own privacy and keep the kids out of your sex life. You will only have your self to blame whent hey get pregnant and create children and bring home an std and use people for thier own selfish self and they will have absolutely no clue on what love and sex is REALLY all about. You can count your lucky stars that I do not know you becasue you wqould have had childrens services called, though I am not a big fan of this organization but maybe even they would realize that what you are doing is WRONG and shameful, some one get those kids out of there. Margarette, get a life and a clue before you ruin your childrn, they should not be exosed to this stuff, it IS abuse, not education.
April 7, 2006, 7:30 am CDT

04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?

I seriously believe that if Dr Phil doesn't call CPS on Margaret and her sex den then he is only helping Margaret to fulfill her sick fantasies. To me, she is no different than the pervs who like watching child pornography. Only she's in reverse. Instead of watching the children she seems to like performing for her children. As for her children being able to decide why they want to have sex with this person instead of that person (I think she was trying to insinuate a love situation, something she obviously knows nothing about) ....has she ever heard of AIDS?????????? As I've heard before (I believe from Dr Phil but not positive) children don't see around corners. They see straight hallways where point A gets you to point B. They don't see the monstrous situations that jump out from around corners. What if the children decide they want to have multiple partners??  What if one of those partners have a STD?? Yeah, she got lucky (?) with the 14 yr old asking about birth control (if that really happened) but there are other children coming up behind.  


And what's up with blocking out the children's faces and not the parent? Do you honestly believe that no one has ever seen Margaret before?????? She's obviously all about getting attention so I'm sure these childrens' friends (if anyone is allowed to be their friend) have seen this horrible woman before.   

April 7, 2006, 7:33 am CDT

Flashy Mom

Dr. Phil - I am writing about the three children who wrote to you for help with their mom's dress code.........I am surprised you let an opportunity like this get past you.  Maybe you just didn't have enough time for the show but it seemed to me you brushed off these children.  I have four children of my own 20, 19, 16, & 13.  I agree with you that she IS the Mom & makes the rules but these children were right on.  Granted, Mom is not old and I agree with you that in her peer group if she wants to flaunt a belly ring -that's OK.  But if her behavior is offensive or embarrassing to her children (which it obviously was), their concerns should be met with more than 'deal with it' and 'mom, just don't let the kids see what you're doing and it's ok'.  It seems to me these three children should have been applauded for the respectful manner in which they tried to handle a situation, they looked like and spoke like smart, good kids who were age appropriate, the girls weren't trying to look like they were 18 or older and the same for the young man.  To say to them "I'll show you the tape in a few years when you want to dress a certain way..." was like giving them a mixed message, "Just wait when you want to do something Mom doesn't approve of and you can tell her 'deal with it' .      These children were right on the mark, I hope you forward the email in support of them to them.  Does Mom have to change the habit?  No - she is the Mom.  But should she?  Yes - she is the Mom. 

April 7, 2006, 7:34 am CDT

child protective services

I am Very upset with the mom in the "triangle" relationship.  I think she is damaging her kids for life and they will need extensive counseling.  I also think if others can be arrested for pandering obcenities, contributing inappropriate materials to a minor, this "family"  should be arrested.  I would consider  this child endangerment also.  If she was concerned for the education and welfare of her children, she would rethink what she is doing and consider what is really the right thing for her children.  She does have a chip on her shoulder and is using these innocent children to advertise her agenda.  I personally hope the authorities were on the set to arrest her and take her away - let her sit in a cell and think about what she is doing.
April 7, 2006, 7:34 am CDT


Dr. Phil my husband has been a truck driver for as long as we have been married which has been 36 years.  He does not!!! talk like that gentlemen did on your show today.  Not all truck drivers are nasty mouthed some of them are very repectful of all their surroundings and treat everyone like they would want to be treated.  This genltemen is putting some truck drivers in a basket that is not always full.!!!!! One bad apple in the basket spoils the rest of them.!!!!!!!! So maybe this will help him control that NASTY  mouth of his.    Thank you of you see this message Jan

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