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Topic : 04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?

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Created on : Friday, March 31, 2006, 12:55:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Admit it, you've judged people for doing things you considered inappropriate and abnormal in public. Meet Margaret, a stay-at-home mom who's tired of everyone thinking sex is taboo. She says she absolutely loves sex and she'll talk about it anytime, anywhere ... and with all of her kids. This includes showing them her sex toys, her sex swing and her X-rated Web site! But that's not all. Margaret is in a relationship with another woman, Jen, and Jen's husband. Now that she's pregnant, both women say they plan on breastfeeding the baby. Then, meet a husband who sometimes uses the F word six times in one sentence! Plus, meet three kids who think their mom dresses too sexy, and follow a woman's quest to change people's behavior in the grocery store, one shopper at a time. Join the discussion.

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April 1, 2006, 3:46 am CST

Is this normal?

I think sex is a very important issue to kids when they get older so they know about it and the responsibility of it but the question of this topic is "is this normal". I'm not going to say this is normal and I'm not going to say that it isn't normal because there is no normal. This is people and the way they are and I personaly think they are going way too far with this sex issue. It's just too much information. Showing your kids your X rated sites, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? How many times can you say the f word into one?
April 1, 2006, 12:17 pm CST

Kids live what they learn

and unless something changes with this mother (who in my opinion gives motherhood a bad name) her children are going to grow up just like her with no respect. Sex is a wonderful thing between Man and woman and whatever is done int he PRIVACY of the bedroom needs to stay there. No wayy onthis green earth will my children ever know what happens in MY room with my husband. My children will betaught that sex is agood and beautiful when with a spouse and itis a private thing done between the two. This mother is very intelligent when it comes to this subject and she better take a step back and start using the brain God gave her to help guide and direct her children ina good and caring way. And for those who don't have anything better to say then the "F" word, needs to get a life. Gee, peop[le are so rude and disrespectful, no wonder children in our sociey are growing up with a lack of morals and respect for authority and elders, becasue of people like this on this show. How immature can a person be!!!!!!!!! These people certainly would not be aloud in my home with this way of thinking, For my home is about respect and honoring one another and those are a couple of rules that I expect to be followed. To me, these people are very abnormal when it comes to these topics, they need to GROW UP!!
April 4, 2006, 9:17 pm CDT

all the right taboos

When I was young my parents weren't all that uptight about sex. We knew that they weren't just going in to take a nap on sunday afternoon, but there were no graphic references and shouting encouragement was discouraged bluntly. There were a few wink winks and some subtle innuendo  

that were tolerated from time to time among family in private so there was never any  great stress 

about sex in my family. We were taught that while it was a good time (or should be if your doing it right) there was a serious responsibility attached to all the fun. I wouldn't say that my parents tried 

to discourage sexual activity but they definitely let it be known that we were expected to live with the consequences. As for foul language, we did hear our share of it from my parents but the only time 

I ever heard the f- word was when a friend at school (who was black,by the way) used a new word 

that I never heard before. I asked my mom what the n-word meant and she almost smacked me. 

She tells my dad and I get "We don't use that f-ing word in this house" bingo another new word. 

April 6, 2006, 1:15 pm CDT

04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?

Are you kidding? Let's create so more messed up people in this world. You are the parent and you should know better. Sex is a great thing between a man and a woman and is a private affair. And we are for sure creating a great example by using the F word 6 times in a sentence. Let's be upstanding citizens and adults and think about our children other than ourselves by thinking before we speak.  By the way can we get margaret some counseling?? 

April 7, 2006, 1:50 am CDT

sex and the f word

Quote From: leopard77

Are you kidding? Let's create so more messed up people in this world. You are the parent and you should know better. Sex is a great thing between a man and a woman and is a private affair. And we are for sure creating a great example by using the F word 6 times in a sentence. Let's be upstanding citizens and adults and think about our children other than ourselves by thinking before we speak.  By the way can we get margaret some counseling?? 

 I think people should feel free to talk about sex. Let's de-taboo the subject. But at the same time, children need to receive age appropriate information on sex and adults should be educated about this. I believe that the woman who is sharing her sex life/toys with her children may be uneducated on this matter. Before we condemn her--lets remember that not all adults have educated minds.  


April 7, 2006, 2:00 am CDT

04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?

   I think that inside the house, and especially in front of young children, sex talks should be fairly limited. And never so vulgar like how margaret does-- showing off her sex toys?! It's crazy. I agree she needs help.  I believe though that we all have to be open-minded about it. When the kid is no longer a kid, and is mature enough maybe he can know the "sacredness'' of sex, within a marital context. It is so precious a gift from God that it is just not so fair going about it as literally ridiculous like some people do with it.
April 7, 2006, 4:38 am CDT

Margaret's got some issues

Margaret didn't come on this show to fix or change anything...if anything she came on to continue to clamor for the attention she clearly is desperately seeking. She has some major issues regarding boundaries, feelings of self-worth and adequacy as a human. All her sexual bravado serves as a poor mask for this. There's nothing wrong with sex between consenting adults, but to bring your children into yor sex life via toys, chairs, allowing them to view pornography, forcing them to be nude as punishment, qualifies as sexual abuse. And yes, I work in child welfare and sexual abuse specific issues are my area of expertise. 


Margaret desperately needs professional intervention. 

April 7, 2006, 6:41 am CDT

Sooooo Disgusted...........

I was honestly SICK TO MY STOMACH listening to Margaret and her 3 way LOVE SEX triangle.  I Can't believe that she is showing those precious children sex toys at the age of 3!!!  What the heck is she thinking.  How gross it must be for the children to see THEIR OWN parents SEX toys and listen to the noises they make while having sex.  Unbelievable!!!  Also, to totally humiliate the 14yr old daughter by telling the friend, who called, that she was in masturbating.  What the HECK are you thinking??  Also, as far as I'm concerned, that web site of yours sounds more like a porn site.  As far as I'm concerned, you are an exhibitionist and the guy on the show using the 'F' word sounded like he had much more common sense than you and your girlfriend/ least he is open to change for the children's sake!!!   I don't think Dr Phil was hard enough on you.    :(
April 7, 2006, 6:43 am CDT

04/07 Social Taboos: Is This Normal?

As a mother I was absolutely appauled at the devastation this woman is causing in her childrens lives. I felt that this was almost a form of molestation. It is so unfair for this woman to expose these innocent babies to such a make believe gross world that the normal person wouldnt want to be apart of.....much less expose there children too. Does she not realize she is setting her kids up to be judged especially now that she has taken it on national TV! What parent would ever let there child play at her house and what mother would let her son date this crazy womens daughter knowing what the whole world knows about her and her family! What a selfish woman, think about your kids instead of yourself!  Those children deserve a chance to know what a normal loving relationship between MAN AND WIFE is like. THey deserve to know what a first kiss is like without the screwed up vision of sex toys or multiple partners. What a wimp this man is in there lives....BE A MAN and do whats right for these kids! Give them a chance to be children and give them a safe place to fall and not on a vibrator! Most parents live there whole lives protecting there children from kids like this that have been exposed to too much ( Me being one of them) I would fight tooth and nail to keep my son from being exposed to these things and especially to these kids...And I am sure that most of america agrees!  Is this women so insecure that she would sell her kids out to be in a relationship? Is she so desperate that the kids lives are just not important...what a disgrace as a parent! The best thing that could ever happen to give them a fighting chance in life is that CPS would step in! 

April 7, 2006, 6:47 am CDT


I am not sure how this Mom thinks she is helping her kids-- it is one thing to make sure your kids are comfortable talking to you about sex, quite another to show them x-rated websites.  I would like to know how her children do socially, in school (as well as in the neighborhood)-- because if my children were in her children's class (or they were our neighbors)  we wouldn't be getting together for play dates!!   "Hey Mom-- want to go down the street and see _____'s new sex swing?"  I don't think so !!  It is unfortunate that she feels the need to use her rebellion to negatively impact her children's development and potentially their ability to socialize-- talk about being self-centered.  I would hope and pray for her and her children that at some point she will understand the impact (and not for good) that she is having on her children's lives---  good luck to your kids-- they are going to need it.  

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