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Created on : Friday, March 31, 2006, 12:53:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 04/06/06) Dr. Phil speaks to people who are searching for the perfect body. Gina admits to an obsession with plastic surgery and has a long wish list of procedures she'd like to have done in her quest for perfection. Her fiancé, Jason, finds her the picture of perfection and says she needs to stop. With their wedding on the horizon, second thoughts are creeping into Jason's mind. Then, Michael's wife, Christy, repulses him and he can't even kiss her. Christy is trying to lose weight so she can look attractive for her husband, but his repulsion makes her feel unworthy. Should Christy lose weight and try to look more like a model, or should Michael accept her just the way she is? Talk about the show here.

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April 6, 2006, 6:26 am CDT

plastic people

If a woman whats to have surgery for her self to make her feel better about what she looks like then go for it, I had implants about 2 years ago at first my husband tried to talk me out of it. he asked me one day what do you want for our anniversary so i told him.  i had it done and he admitted he wanted me to do it all along, but he did not want me thinking he did not like my body the way it was,just in case i changed my mind.(smart move) I do not regret doing it i look better and feel better about my self. If a woman is doing it all for a man than thats wrong he should love her just the way she is.
April 6, 2006, 6:38 am CDT



     KICK Micheal to the curb!!!!!  Where does he get off pointing out all your flaws? Does he ever look in a mirror? Nope he can't... cause if he did he would beg you to for give him and thank GOD he has such a beautiful wife.. You can do SO much better than the likes of him. Tell your self every day I'm beautiful and Michael is very lucky to have me.... If you do this daily you will believe it cause it is very true. he should be loving you and treating you like a queen. Best of luck. 

April 6, 2006, 6:46 am CDT

That Hair!


 If Christy really wants to look better she should start with a different hairdo. Her hair makes her look really bad, like she chopped it with a kitchen knife and just got out of bed after tossing and turning all  night. It sure gives a mixed message. 


 She needs to give herself time. Changes don't  happen overnight. Did her husband marry her so he would have someone to pick on all the time?  

April 6, 2006, 6:48 am CDT

lumping all men

you are right I shouldnt say ALL men.  There are some that are raised with morals and know a good heart and are satisifed with that. But there are a lot of men who if given the wish to change his wife to look like charlese tharon they would.   


You guys dont know the whole story about Michael. He could be a man who is trying to get used to his wifes weight gain.  He may hate the way he feels and just need help to change the feeling. Maybe he was raised with the idea that women have to be perfect.  maybe he has a mother who primped herself all the time and was naturally a size two and he thought that was what women who take care of themself are.  As I said before it is TV not everything is going to be 100% acurate.  You have to also look at the fact that if michael didnt love his wife deeply he would have left. If his vows didnt mean anything to him he would be gone.  I think you all need to give him the benefit of the doubt and think that he may be just learning to accept the weight gain of his wife especially if it is significant.  He is on Dr Phil for a reason, he wants help for something.   


I agree that not all men are scum, I believe they are just human as are we.  With women it is not visual so much it is more emotional and if our husbands all of a sudden stopped being who they were when you got married, emotionally it would take some getting used to as well.   


all I am saying is this man michael may be a very wonderful man who is just honest enough to say I am human and I am needing help to be attractive to my wife even this heavy.   


You also never know, some of this repulsion may just be in her head.  She might feel so bad about the weight gain that she feels he is repulsed and he isnt.  You never know the whole story. 

April 6, 2006, 6:52 am CDT


I feel really bad for her, she obviously doesnt like herself much, of course after the show we will have a greater understanding of why, but her fiance Jason I think just wants her to love him and focus some attention on himself rather than just herself.  The obsession she has is very self centered and I feel bad for this man.  But at least he knows that when making the decision to marry her.
April 6, 2006, 6:54 am CDT

The hollywood women

People need to realize that the actors and models we see in the media get augmentations to advance careers. Not to please partners or feed big egos. As Ms. Bette Midler once said; "I'm living proof that big t__s mean big bucks."
April 6, 2006, 7:03 am CDT


Quote From: juliebgg

I feel really bad for Christy.  Her self-worth has been totally stripped away by a callous, self-centered and extremely shallow individual-her husband. When a person is constantly picked at and insulted and criticized, their self-esteem will plummet. This becomes a vicious circle.  Let's say Christy does lose five pounds, and then in walks hubby and he callously comments that she looks fat in the outfit she is wearing. This of course makes her feel worse about herself and it also makes her say "what's the use?  He is still repulsed by me". So all the hard work goes down the drain as she probably turns to food for comfort.  Why?  Because eating feels good and food doesn't reject her like her husband does. Then the five pounds come back on, but the self-esteem is lower now from the latest jab he gave her. 

As I've said in other postings, alot of shallow men can't see past the Hollywood fakeness-make-up, touched up photos, false lashes. These women don't even look like themselves! My favorite example-catch a CANDID photo of Jennifer Aniston-not a posed one or a very touched up cover girl image on a magazine-and you will see a very ordinary  woman.  Yes, make-up can work wonders! But men continue to put pressure on their wives, or girlfirends to live up to this phony image.  Michael's complaints that Christy should have perfect nails, skin, hair etc. are also unrealistic from a perspective of time.  A wife and mother's day is quite full. She does not have the luxury that "Hollywood" has of spending all day getting beautified while someone else cleans their home and plays nanny to their kids.  ( Keep in mind-I am not talking about basic hygiene-if she didn't shower or comb her hair I'd say he has a legitimate complaint) If Michael wants to help Christy lose weight he needs to be supportive, praise her success and encourage her, not demean her.  But I fear it is going to take a LONG time for her to get past the hurt he inflicted on her. 

Other people do not dictate who you are. You are blaming the wrong person. Christ is the one who chooses to stay with him and subject herself to his ridicule. She needs therapy to gain confidence and a sense of worthiness. He needs therapy to find out why he feels the need to belittle Christy incessantly.
April 6, 2006, 7:03 am CDT

Poor Christy

Being a plus-sized woman myself, I think Christy looks fantastic.  She has a cute figure, and is a genuinely nice person.  I am a nice person, but my  figure has been gone for years.  My husband of 10 years is very supportive in whatever I wish to do, but would never argue with me about my weight.  He thinks I am a nice person, and that is way more important to him than what size I wear.  If that changed, so would my marital status!!!  I hope that Dr.  Phil can help her not only find out why she is heavy, but also help with a counselor for improving her self-esteem.  I feel bad that her husband is constantly making her feel bad about herself, and I would love to talk to her to tell her that not every man is that way, and how your self worth is not measured on looks, coming from someone who is bigger than she.
April 6, 2006, 7:10 am CDT

Not All Men Are Like That

Quote From: killerb255

Are you lumping all men into the same category?  If so, that's the wrong way to handle this, and you've basically become a sexist.  (Sexism doesn't just refer to men stereotyping women, ya know...)  I'm a guy, and I'm actually offended by that statement.   


I understand that your husband was a jerk, but don't use him as the absolute benchmark for all men out there.  Not all of us judge women solely by looks.   


...then again, from what I've seen, the few men, such as myself, that aren't so shallow are often depicted as "dorky," "unattractive," or "weak-spirited," as opposed to "agressive," "popular," orotherwise "attractive." 

One night I was with about 20 men and woman at a meeting. Most of the women got on a soap box about their awful exes. After about 15 minutes of that, one man stopped them cold by saying, "We're not all like that you know." They did know because the man who spoke up is a wonderful man and is accepted and respected in all circles.
April 6, 2006, 7:11 am CDT

Christy is brave

I think Christy is a very brave woman to still feel love for her husband after all the hurtfully things she has had to tolerate from him.  She is a beautiful woman inside where it counts...   I would like to know about what Dr. Phil told her about being weight loss resistant because I am in the same boat and would love more info on it.
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