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Created on : Thursday, March 23, 2006, 07:15:01 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
How far would you go to make or save some extra cash? Christy calls her husband, Joel, the ultimate cheapskate. She says they never go on dates, and the last time she received a present from him was four years ago. She says Joel is such a tightwad, she even had to buy her own wedding ring! Then, Nichole says her sister, Amber, is so addicted to cold, hard cash that she even took a dangerous job breathing fire and married a man for $5,000. Amber admits she’s stuck in a vicious cycle and says she can’t get out.Will she be able to change her money-motivated lifestyle? Plus, meet a woman obsessed with scratch-off lottery tickets, and a mom who worries she’s raising a money-hungry son. Talk about the show here.

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March 28, 2006, 8:49 am CST

At Least be honest with yourself

Quote From: ddgirl

I just finished watching the episode that hate the mom locking her room to do webcam shows for money.  


I am also in the same line of work as her, and I can relate to why the business of webcam is so hard to stop, and so hard to even put off for alittle while.  Since all you need is a computer, high speed, a webcam or camcorder, and you can making a fist full of cash in minutes after being set up and advertising  


there is tones of webcam sites out there they are hiring webcam models male or female or other (TS or TV) on daily basis. for me is was my VERY first job or source of income and in a very short time I was able to move out and support myself I only 18 years old, 3 years later I am still making a comfortable living from webcam shows, phone with webcam shows, and having my own website.  


and YES ! the money is addictive especially if you are canadian making us dollars with almost next to know effort.  


But for me I have a positive goal to why I work as webcam model. I want to go university but my parents are no support what soever, so for me to get it done I have to any means nessary and being a webcam girl is 10000000% better then being a stripper in a strip club, or escort aka hooker.  


I rather log on my webcam, and never no psychial or personal contact with customers then actually see them face to face. Since the busines is 99% maniplulation that is where you as the model have all the control. and yes it might distory familes and maybe even put a strain on other people financially.  


but with the way the job market is. there is very little options for new comers starting out on their own with no financial support to get help, no every has a mommy and daddy who cares about them. and not every has a trust fund, or has a grandma or grandpa about to die and leave them money,  


and since the new generation is soo sexualltiy liberating, you can pretty much see 1 in 5 teenages 18 and over getting ready to jump in the webcam career, and yes I say career because you deal with sales, promoting, marketing and keep customers and gaining new customers.  


but if you in it for the wrong reasons you will never have a positive goal to pull you back out like school, a car or a house or even retirement.  


All these shows are constantly showing the negative things about internet porn bbut not one has a person on there doing it for a positive reason even there is a few out there that treat it like a business, and do not let it become soo far that is ruins thier lives or thier lives of people around them. 

You strip because it is easy and quick.  You can sleep all day and get naked for strangers at night and never have to leave home. 

Your statement about the "trust fund babies" made me se red.  I am 35 and  growing up my family was poor as dirt as a matter I spent most of my summers helping my Mom put up food for the winter.  There was no money for college so I went to work at a real job.  Never once did it occur to me to become a prostitute.  You are lazy, unmotivated and have no self pride at least be honest with yourself  

March 28, 2006, 8:49 am CST

03/28 Money Hungry

Quote From: jmc102398

If jJel is spending 34 cents per diaper, he is overspending.  I use the White Cloud brand available at Walmart and am spending less than 19 cents per diaper(my son wears size 5 ,they were even cheaper when he was smaller). I also tape the diaper tabs when they rip!  


 I am the cheapskate in my family, though my husband admits we wouldn't have the things we have if I were a spendthrift.  I am a stay at home mom and we survive on about $25k per year and my husband is a seasonal worker.  We don't own new cars, we have a '93 Blazer and a '96 Buick, both in good shape, we bought a house last year, we found one for under $50,000 which in our area is a rare find, particularly since its not a mobile home.  We only purchase name brand items if we have a coupon making them cheaper than the generic.   


We do celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.  I shop surplus and salvage stores when possible, rush to the clearance rack at Walmart-clearance is my second favorite word, free is the first.  I purchase items off the clearance shelves year round to have for birthdays and Christmas. 


 I seldom buy clothing for myself, usually it is out of absolute necessity.  Until my mother passed away I didn't have to buy my own underwear and socks, she bought them for me because she knew I hated to spend the money on clothing that no one can see! 


We're not wealthy by any means, but we are happy and healthy, we enjoy occasional nights out-an all you can eat buffet(on the right nights it is only $5.99 and lunch is as low as $3.99) and we go to the second run movie theater-$2.50 per person, a dollar each on Tuesdays.  It is possible to be cheap and still enjoy life! 

I was watching the show closely, and the husband admitted, he did more than they were dating than he has done since marriage. 

She confessed she knew he was cheap, but add it all up, and maybe she was accepting of the way things were before marriage, when he did do more, and perhaps she had no idea, that they would come to this. 


Give the woman a break, she came for help to fix it, not for judgement or critiscim, she is trying to laugh about it, and at the same time, understand her importance in his mind and heart. 


She is his wife, and she should be aware of how things stand 

March 28, 2006, 10:24 am CST

Be proud of who you are!

 I am sending this message out to the guest on todays show, and anyone else who finds themselves in a state of financial depression.  Growing up, my family was middle class, we lived in a modest 3 bedroom rancher, didn't have new cars but our home was filled with love.  At  18 I moved to Maryland to be with my boyfriend (bad choice) and ended up pregnant with my first child.  From that day forward I made the decision to be responsible for my actions and most of all to be a Mom that my child would be proud of.  I worked as a hairdresser for several years 3 days a week for 10 hours a day, then I worked as a waitress on the weekend days to ensure that I could make it on my own.  Don't get me wrong here.....there were times when I fell short finacially as many do.  It was those times that I counted my pennies to see how many meals I could get out of $20.  I didn't care if we ate grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup a few times that week.  I took the good times with the bad and just made the best of what we had.  I did have to ask for help at times from my Mom who I was very lucky to have in my life, but I NEVER did anything that would compromise who I am.  I think what bothered me most about the guest today was that she only had herself to care for and she still took that easy road everytime.  We all make mistakes, but I agree with Dr. Phil.  Today is a good day to start doing something that can make you proud of yourself.  My daughter is now 22, a student, and a very responsible young woman.  She gave me a Mothers Day card last year and inside she wrote something that I will cherish forever.  She basically said, "thank you Mom for the sacrifices you made, for being strong even when I know you didn't think you could, and for teaching me that making mistakes is a great lesson when you walk away learning something valuable".  It's never too late to change your life!  Good luck
March 28, 2006, 11:17 am CST

Dear Christy,

You need to take care of yourself because no one else will.  If you had to buy your own wedding ring than you need to know that you have set the standard and given your husband unrealistic expectations.  It seems to me that if he can not put you first now, and you accept that, he will resent you later if you ever try to hold this against him.  His excuse will always be, "you knew what you were getting into..." even though you may have some sense of false hope that if it really came down to it he will pick you over my money.  At the risk of sounding corny, if you really stop and think about how much would you be willing to bet he would pick you over his money... because I'm sure he wouldn't bet any of his money on it.  If you do stick it out with him, you be sure to protect yourself and your money as much as he does.  I finally escaped my money obsessed controlling husband of six years a year ago, and although it was hard and scary it was the best thing that happened to both of us.  We get a long so much better now as two separate independent individuals.
March 28, 2006, 11:24 am CST

03/28 Money Hungry

Quote From: profderien

hi -- 


within my personal moral code, i have no problem with porn  or prostitution [for ADULTS only.   in fact, i think legalizing prostitiution would be a grand idea.  the u.s. has not been able to codify, to anyone's satisfaction, laws dealing with porn, lewdness, etc -- because of the need to protect freedom of expression and various civil rights.  sometimes we all see things that as individuals we think cross "the line,"  but often we can only deal with that be exercising our right to protest and vent. 


given all that...i am enormously bothered -- how can you be absolutely sure that you are dealing with an adult?  children are precious and more and more their years of innocence are being drained.   


you define adults as "over 18." so wrong.  i wish i had the appropriate "dr-phil-ism" handy ... but he often shares data about brain maturation and how it isn't even close to being fully evolved at 18. 


i did a brief stint as a high school teacher and could testify on a stack of bibles that "18 and 19" don't mean a darned thing in terms of adulthood.   


that's my only big gripe.  what you are doing is awful, i think, but legal and safe [i assume there is no way to trace a "session" back to you and that you NEVER disclose personal info.  i agree that a positive goal/end goal is good -- so you will not do this forever. 


your remarks about folks not having a parents unable to help with college, or a trust fund from grandparents -- that was out of line.  there is a majority, and probably it is a silent majority, of people who condemn what you are doing and who will struggle with more conventional jobs and businesses, who will go into debt -- and who will end up, with morals intact, at university, community college, trade school, military, or directly into the work foce.  don't knock it! 


you wrote: Since the busines is 99% maniplulation that is where you as the model have all the control. and yes it might distory familes and maybe even put a strain on other people financially.....   

but with the way the job market is. there is very little options... 


ahhh, my child.  i am so sad to read that. and don't quite know what to say to you.  others might... but i can't find the words. 


be well, 



 I am totally with you in one respect. I have NO problem with prostitution, strippers, escorts, porn or the like.  It isn't for me, and I do not think anyone should go into it if they are NOT completely okay with the risks associated with them.

I for one am COMPLETELY for the legalization of prostitution.  In fact if it were legal I would be one of the FIRST people to become a madam and I would make sure my girls were always healthy, safe, and had a good clean roof over their heads, access to medical care,healthy food, whatever they needed.   I don't want women out working on the street with pimps that don't give a damn about them, who hurt and abuse them, and provide them with NOTHING, along with taking most of the money that is rightfully theirs.

I know most people are totally against this type of behavior in our society, but prostitution has cone on for thousands of years.  We are just putting people at risk by failing to regulate it.  A woman is not worthless because she is a stripper, prostitute,  or escort.  She is simply chosing to use her body as a means of earning income, by providing a service. 

I personally could never do it because I equate sex with love, and there is no way I'd be okay with having sex with a stranger.  But I know plenty of girls that are JUST FINE with that, and if they could legally  and safely make money doing it I'm sure they would.
March 28, 2006, 12:05 pm CST

el cheapo!

I can't believe this guy or girl!!  If I had to buy my own engagement ring, I wouldn't be married to Joel.  They're sort of making light of this and I don't think that it's funny at all.  It doesn't seem like he really cares about Christy.  His biggest care is his money.  He's going to end up alone with *all* of his money.  Wonder if it will be worth it to him?
March 28, 2006, 12:30 pm CST

what are you thinking???

i cant believe she acctually bought her own wedding ring!!! what women wants a man that bad that she goes and buys her own ring.. i can just say this if i was her i would tell him "if the money means that much to you that you cant buy me a ring then see ya later cause im gone" it just makes her look dessperate that is all
March 28, 2006, 1:01 pm CST


I am stunned that as Christie is explaining how incredibly insensitive her husband is when showing his love, that she's actually smiling and laughing after 4 years. Hope he really listened. And I hope for her sake she stands up and realizes that she's worth it too. I certainly find nothing funny about it. Poor girl.
March 28, 2006, 1:05 pm CST


Hi, Amber.  I like you and hope you can grow to love yourself.  It sounds to me like you're punishing yourself then spending the money to briefly relieve the pain and set yourself up for more punishment.   I suspect you think that no one would love you if they really got to know you, including the parts of yourself that you don't like.  If that sounds like it might be right, please bite the bullet and have a professional help you find out.  You're a strong woman to have survived all that you've been through.  I know that you have the strength to do it and, while it might not be possible to believe right now, you'll be astonished to meet the wonderful person you are. 

March 28, 2006, 1:09 pm CST

The Son who is a taker is learning to pimp-out

The lady on the phone SHOULD have been an on-show guest because her son's issue is MUCH more important than the few word's Doc. Phil was able to provide his mother.. 

Give all the stuff back is only a start... a good one but a bare minimum message. 

What that child needs to learn is not to think of women/girls girlfriends as something to abuse, use, take from and rely on for his well-being.  He is going to grow up with a terrible user attitude to women as well as his the more amusing problem of being a big time moocher.  

Bring that kid on and get a good eye-to-eye contact with him Doc. Phil and give him a better foundation on which to value himself, women, and life in general before he starts tricking out these naive silly silly girls.  Have his Mom "clue-in" the parents of these girls. 

Just telling the son to give stuff back and leaving it at that is only going to cause him to become more secretive and sneaky about getting and hiding his freebies. ~~  

SoSaysSqueakyChair ~~[yes it is SQUEAKYCHAIR not squeakycha... Doc.Phil's website cut off my name at 10 letters] 

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