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Created on : Friday, March 03, 2006, 12:56:23 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

It's that time again! Dr. Phil checks in with past guests to see who has changed, and who's back for more! Marlon and Shamika are newlyweds who say their marriage has been on the rocks since the day they said "I do." They return for round three with Dr. Phil! After their last appearance, Marlon says Shamika was in such a rage, he feared she was going to pull a knife on him. They filed for divorce, but Shamika regrets it. Dr. Phil puts them through his divorce readiness test. Is Marlon ready to call it quits, or is he still in love with his wife? Then, remember the mom who wouldn’t let her daughter play with unattractive children? Has she changed her thinking? And, Jackie called herself a "monster mom" because she yelled at her overweight daughter, and called her ugly names like, "fat bitch" and "rotten witch," among others. Big changes are happening with this mother and daughter. Join the discussion.


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March 10, 2006, 4:24 pm CST

03/10 Follow-ups

I think Marlon should divorce Shamika and get on with his life!  She is a cold fish and will never change!
March 10, 2006, 4:36 pm CST

Marty and Erin

What ever happen to this family from 2004? The one teenage daughter was pregnant and the dad was a cheater. There was a lot of shows about them but I haven't heard anything in a long time. What happened to them?
March 10, 2006, 4:37 pm CST

Beauty is best?

To the mom who wants her kid to hang out with "beautiful " people, Judge Judy said it best: 

"Beauty fades, but dumb is forever".    


March 10, 2006, 4:43 pm CST

03/10 Follow-ups

Quote From: kelly1969

Marlon and Shamika need to stay together.  Shamika just needs to work on herself and find out what is making her unhappy/angry in life and fix it.  Once she fixes what ever it is, she will come around and see how lucky she is for all that she has.  You can look in their eyes and see that they are in love.  Marlon is looking for the light, he needs to look into Shamika eyes and he will see it.  Speaking from first hand experience.  I wish them the best.
I so agree with you.  We have so much stuff from our past to grow out of and into the marriage relationship.  I think that Shamika needs to learn to trust Marion with her feelings and Marion needs to respect and hold her feeling very carefully.  I think that they can make it if they look to each other and really trust each other.
March 10, 2006, 4:44 pm CST

The Dr. Phil Family

 Hey Dr. Phil!  After watching the show today, I was just curious as to whatever happened to the "Dr. Phil Family".  The family that was on every week for quite a while.  They had two teenage daughters and the older one was pregnant and had a baby during the show.  I would like to hear what happened to them and how they're doing.  That was a very interesting segment that I know a lot of people really got into since they were on every week.  You should bring them back for an update sometime soon.  Thanks.
March 10, 2006, 4:50 pm CST

Police officer

Dear Dr. Phil 

Last fall you had on a ploice officer that was shot in the face. The right side of his check and mouth were gone. You were going to see if doctors could rebuild his face. What happen to him. 


Thank You 


Mr. Carr 

March 10, 2006, 4:53 pm CST

The beautiful people


I was in total shock at the Mom who would only let her small child play with children that she thought was attractive.  I have two children my daughter who is my youngest is now 16 years old and a sophmore in high school.  We have always lived in a upper middle class neighborhood.  My daughter attends school with children from the most wealthy and elite families in the city.  When she was in kindergarten she became friends with several of these children (they were the "beautiful people").  There were about 7 girls in this little group.  They were the brightest, most athletic, and outgoing group of kids in the school.  These girls remained friends thier entire elementary and middleschool years.  As highschool approached my husband and I begin to have some financial trouble due to the changing economy (his job primarily in retail car sales).  We had to sell our home and downsize, although our "new" home was in the same school district.  The other 6 girls in this "elite" group decided that my daughter was not in pretty enough, or her parents did not make enough money for  them to associate with.  So my daughter in 8th grade was faced with entering highschool without the friends she had since beginning school.  She was devastated.  At that time I was not sure what God's purpose was in "hurting" her this way.....Well 2 years into highschool I now know.  She has made new friends, she is 16 years old and the only thing she has done with a boy is hold hands.  She has made a promise to God that she will remain sexually pure until marriage.  She has a great new group of friends that share her same beliefs.  Yes she still goes to school with the beatiful people.  This group of girls are still popular and bright, but they have some worries of thier own, pregnancy, drugs, and alcohol are just a few.  So I think God everyday that my daughter is  no longer one of the "beautiful people" 




March 10, 2006, 4:54 pm CST

Marlon and Shamica

Marlon needs to follow through with the divorce.  They need to start over with their relationship and let it grow naturally over time instead of fighting it out trying to decide what to do.  If it isn't going to work, they'll know it, and they can move on.
March 10, 2006, 4:56 pm CST

03/10 Follow-ups

Quote From: talitha63

On Marlon and Shamika's second vist when she could not think of anything positive to say about Marlon after he had worked so hard to make her happy, I wondered what was the real problem.  

It did not seem that a reasonable person could still be so unhappy with Marlon. 

I don't know that I would have the ability to continue placing my feelings, emotions, and ego out there for someone to find me not measuring up to thier standards again and again. 

I was sad for Marlon at first, then I was sad for them both.  


Shamika is so negative, she cannot seem to see positives, I think that something else must be keeping her from being happy and instead of dealing with that, she is blaming him. It might be healthier if Marlon moves on, someone so negative would tend to poison those around them at some point. 

I thought the same thing after the second show, and at the beginning of this show, when Marlon said he was done, I said good.  Shamika's only emotions seemed to be mad and very mad.  Like Bridgette from yesterday, she seemed like a woman who could never be pleased.  But once Dr. Phil got her to admit her feelings to Marlon, I could see it.  I have a friend who was just like her, bottled up her emotions, and she married a guy who wore his emotions on his sleeve - like Marlon.  She seemed like a b*tch to everyone who really didn't know her, but she wasn't.  She's a great person.  Being around her husband and his family, and having children, really made her realize that she didn't need to guard herself and act like she was made of steel.  She's a living, breathing human being, capable of being hurt and feeling helpless, no matter how she acted.  So is Shamika.  I hope she realizes she's very lucky.  She's an absolutely beautiful woman, and I would love to see her smile more!  Marlon, although I'm sure not perfect either, seems so sweet and well-meaning, and I'd really like to see these two make it.  I can understand that he felt like giving up, like he was done trying, but I hope they really work at understanding each other, because it will be worth it. 
March 10, 2006, 5:35 pm CST

Book Title?


At the end of today's show (3/10) Dr. Phil mentioned a book title.....something about "Making Your Metabolism"...... Something like that. It was in response to the mother and daughter who recently lost weight together. Does anyone remember the book title and the author? Sounds like a great book! 



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