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Created on : Friday, March 03, 2006, 12:56:23 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

It's that time again! Dr. Phil checks in with past guests to see who has changed, and who's back for more! Marlon and Shamika are newlyweds who say their marriage has been on the rocks since the day they said "I do." They return for round three with Dr. Phil! After their last appearance, Marlon says Shamika was in such a rage, he feared she was going to pull a knife on him. They filed for divorce, but Shamika regrets it. Dr. Phil puts them through his divorce readiness test. Is Marlon ready to call it quits, or is he still in love with his wife? Then, remember the mom who wouldn’t let her daughter play with unattractive children? Has she changed her thinking? And, Jackie called herself a "monster mom" because she yelled at her overweight daughter, and called her ugly names like, "fat bitch" and "rotten witch," among others. Big changes are happening with this mother and daughter. Join the discussion.


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March 10, 2006, 3:20 pm CST

Update on kidnapped Porter children

Quote From: nasale

 the lady whose kids were taken by her ex-husband? I am vague on the details. I remember there was another woman involved (who  was the best friend of the former husband). ANYBODY??? Do you know the one I mean??? I wish they would do an update on that situation.

Their father was found guilty of two counts each of parental kidnapping and terroristic kidnapping.  He still refuses to tell where the children are.  Let's keep them in our prayers.  


The story and pictures here: 

March 10, 2006, 3:23 pm CST

Marlon and Shamika

Their relationship will work if Shamika changes her ways. In a relationship no one person  is better than the other. Don't ask your mate to give if you're not willing to give yourself.  When you are in  a marriage/relationship you each have a role. A man can't be the woman and a woman can't be the man. Shamika has to believe and trust Marlon. Respect is considered love to a man. If she really doesn't want the divorce let it be for all the right reasons and not because Marlon is the bread winner.  Love shouldn't come with a price tag.
March 10, 2006, 3:23 pm CST

Jackie & Kelly

I heard Jackie say she was just trying to motivate her daughter.  What is the best way to motivate children in areas they aren't as concerned about but parents are?  Would encouragement cause issues?  I mean if they received constant praise and then messed up wouldn't they feel extremely guilty?  My sister was a great student until high school and then lost all motivation.  My parents knew she could have done better in school, she just wasn't motivated.   Who's responsible, the parents for not praising and encouraging  to motivate the child, or the child who isn't being responsible?   

March 10, 2006, 3:29 pm CST

Marlon and Shamika

Marlon and Shamika need to stay together.  Shamika just needs to work on herself and find out what is making her unhappy/angry in life and fix it.  Once she fixes what ever it is, she will come around and see how lucky she is for all that she has.  You can look in their eyes and see that they are in love.  Marlon is looking for the light, he needs to look into Shamika eyes and he will see it.  Speaking from first hand experience.  I wish them the best.
March 10, 2006, 3:33 pm CST

Older follow ups

 What is happening with the first family with whom Dr. Phil spoke?  The teen who had the baby?  They had two daughters and the husband went to Germany to find some of his family?  That family really drew me in and I haven't heard a darn thing about them since...Anything?
March 10, 2006, 3:41 pm CST

RE: Marlon and Shamika


 I think that Shamika is ungrateful, a real b*%$h and just thinks of herself. On the other hand, Marlon said he was turned on by her feisty attitude. Sometimes men like women who will treat them like crap, but I think this time around Marlon had enough. I wish Dr. Phil didn't try to save the relationship b/c I think Marlon deserves way better. Shamika needs to realize that their are plenty women such as myself who are attracted to Marlon and she just lost a good thing. Marlon if you read this post, PLEASE give me a holla!!!!! 

March 10, 2006, 3:59 pm CST

03/10 Follow-ups

Quote From: eashcraft

dr phil, what happened to marty, erin, alex, katharine and alex's baby??? 
I've been wondering the same thing.  I see a lot of updates from other past guests, but after so many initial shows, I'm interested to see how the family is coming along and how the baby is.
March 10, 2006, 4:09 pm CST

looking for book title

I am interested in obtaining the book on working on your metabolism.  I caught the author's first name, Robert, but didn't catch the whole title.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
March 10, 2006, 4:09 pm CST

03/10 Follow-ups

Quote From: luv4life

It just seemed to me that no matter how hard Marlon tried it was never good enough for Shamika so of course Marlon is eventually going to give up she was always putting him down and was never happy with what he did and really tried I mean on the last show he was talking about all the things he had started doing for her and she still wasn't happy so she was just the kind of person who obviously couldn't be satisfied she always needed something to complain about...  I would have given up too..

On Marlon and Shamika's second vist when she could not think of anything positive to say about Marlon after he had worked so hard to make her happy, I wondered what was the real problem.  

It did not seem that a reasonable person could still be so unhappy with Marlon. 

I don't know that I would have the ability to continue placing my feelings, emotions, and ego out there for someone to find me not measuring up to thier standards again and again. 

I was sad for Marlon at first, then I was sad for them both.  


Shamika is so negative, she cannot seem to see positives, I think that something else must be keeping her from being happy and instead of dealing with that, she is blaming him. It might be healthier if Marlon moves on, someone so negative would tend to poison those around them at some point. 

March 10, 2006, 4:15 pm CST

I was thinking the same thing

Quote From: eashcraft

dr phil, what happened to marty, erin, alex, katharine and alex's baby??? 
I was wondering the same thing. I hope that they were able to work through thier difficulties. I hope most of all that the child and the youngest daughter are doing okay.
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