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Created on : Friday, March 03, 2006, 12:56:23 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

It's that time again! Dr. Phil checks in with past guests to see who has changed, and who's back for more! Marlon and Shamika are newlyweds who say their marriage has been on the rocks since the day they said "I do." They return for round three with Dr. Phil! After their last appearance, Marlon says Shamika was in such a rage, he feared she was going to pull a knife on him. They filed for divorce, but Shamika regrets it. Dr. Phil puts them through his divorce readiness test. Is Marlon ready to call it quits, or is he still in love with his wife? Then, remember the mom who wouldn’t let her daughter play with unattractive children? Has she changed her thinking? And, Jackie called herself a "monster mom" because she yelled at her overweight daughter, and called her ugly names like, "fat bitch" and "rotten witch," among others. Big changes are happening with this mother and daughter. Join the discussion.


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March 12, 2006, 5:48 pm CST

you still don't get it

Quote From: mrstim

You say you don't judge me, but you have and harshly I might add.  My story was not told well enough.  It pains me that you think I am an awful mother.  I am a mother with no sense of how to teach good self esteem, I work on it everyday by surrounding myself with people who will teach me well by example so I can pass that onto my children.  This was one story that has taken on a monster life of its own that I regret sharing now as you don't seem to want to understand that I know what I do is wrong and that I am changing it and you are being cruel and self righteous.  I am glad you are perfect and will raise perfect children,  God bless you, but cut me some slack, I am learning at as fast a rate as I can to be a good mom and the start of it is recognizing the errors of my ways and making changes when needed.  I was asked to share my story so that others who may be doing the same thing can see the errors of their ways and hopefully make changes within themselves, I was told I would be helping, instead I am being treated the way that made me this way in the first place.  Judging me by one act not on my whole character.  If you say you treat others as you want to be treated then I say to you as you said to me, you don't get it.  I am trying, now you try to.  This hurts so much I can't believe I ever did this.  I would like the opportunity to talk to you further and welcome you to e-mail me at  Maybe you could be a helpful influence on me and not just a hurtful one. 
you're the one judging children not me.teaching self esteem does not come from surrounding yourself with good-looking people.It comes by your own action toward others.i didn't say you were an awful mother,I said your action towards other people children is what is wrong.You say I don't get it.I do.You just want to justify the way you feel by placing the blame on all the jerks that hurt you.You are not the only one who has ever been hurt by others.Try to look at all the things you do well.Teach your daughter that she can do and be anything she wants by her actions not by hanging out with good-looking people.darellen
March 12, 2006, 11:48 pm CST


Dr Phil said he was willing and ready to do whatever he had to do to find Lindsey and Sam Porter. I would like to see a follow up on the progress of that story. I am in Kansas City, and it's as if everyone is starting to forget. At first, there were posters up everywhere. What are the police doing? Will the father sit in jail forever? How is Tina?
March 13, 2006, 9:30 am CST

Marion & Shamika

This is a really cute couple! I laughed and cried about the follow up with them. He has such a great personality and she does also, she's just holding back. They need to work through this. They will make a beautiful couple and it will be a great marriage, as long as they don't expect either to be perfect. I'm still learning about my Love of My Life after 25 years , We just don't always feel it. My first year, I remember thinking. What the hell have I done. He is my perfect match.
March 13, 2006, 9:49 am CST


Seriously here folks, Shamika is NOT a strong woman.

If she was, she would be able to reciprocate love, realize that a gift is in the thought, not the price, and.... god forbid..... express an emotion form time to time.

I'd rather drive a hoop-dee from a man that I knew loved me... than a Hummer from a man that did'nt!

I'd take that man...and his hoop-dee in a second!
March 13, 2006, 12:01 pm CST

Marlon is a Treasure

Quote From: viviana33

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! WOW, A MAN LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope Tamika has really realized was a great guy Marlon is.I can see why Dr.Phil is so intent on helping them.I chose two loser husbands and learned alot.Marlon is a rare one and I hope they can make it.A lifetime of happiness to them!
March 13, 2006, 12:08 pm CST

Divorce Questions

Does anyone recall the questions Dr. Phil asked Marlon as a "test" to see if he was really ready for divorce?  Dr. Phil said that, if he answered "yes" to all the questions, he was ready for divorce.  Thanks for your help!
March 13, 2006, 12:20 pm CST


Quote From: mt1963

Does anyone recall the questions Dr. Phil asked Marlon as a "test" to see if he was really ready for divorce?  Dr. Phil said that, if he answered "yes" to all the questions, he was ready for divorce.  Thanks for your help!
Oops...I see the link to the questions above....nevermind!
March 13, 2006, 5:57 pm CST

Dr. Phil Family & the Runaway girl

How is the Dr. Phil family doing now (Marty, Erin, Alexandra and Katherine)? And I'm also very curious to see if the runaway girl (the one who was on a few years ago and who's mother had her arrested) has been able to turn her life around. Does anyone know what happened to her? 

March 13, 2006, 9:22 pm CST

To bad!

Well, i feel like whats done is done.  They came the first time to fix what was wrong, when they got home Marlon did just that but it wasnt enough for Shamika. when they were on the show the second time she didnt even have a valid reason why she wasnt satisfied. she went all around what was happening. The third time when Dr. Phil had her to look in his eyes, she couldn't really do it. I think she regrets him getting the papers and she wanted to be the one to let everything go. She now realizes that she had a good man that was willing to do everything in his power to make her happy and she just shot him down. I would never knock any bodys relationship but i think this one has taken its tole. Malon is to good of a man to be treated like that. im sure theres two sides to each story but from what everyone saw, he tried his best to do the right thing and i just think he deserves better!!!
March 13, 2006, 10:41 pm CST

HI Groovy!

Quote From: groovy

I have friends across the board in terms of looks.  My worst experiences were with the most outwardly beautiful or handsome. 


"Beautiful friend" #1 - Guys often commented on how good looking she was.  Ended up sharing things I told her in confidence with someone I didn't want them shared with.  Dumped her old friends (which included myself and my aunt) because we weren't new age spiritual leaders.  Decided to only hang out with famous new age spiritual leaders.  No one else was good enough for her. 


"Beautiful friend" #2 - A slim drop-dead gorgeous blonde.  Guys turned their heads when she walked by.  Although single, wore a wedding ring because so many guys would hit on her.  She was in a bad situation with a boyfriend who was physically abusive.  I lent her money for a down payment for an apartment and arranged for 4 guys and myself to help her move while her boyfriend was at work.  She lost her job and I lent her more money help her avoid eviction.  Finally after lending her about $3000, I politely told her I was no longer comfortable lending money.  She dumped me like a hot potato. 


"Handsome boyfriend" #1 - Best looking boyfriend I ever had - 6'4", blue eyes, nicely built.  Ended up cheating on me, being emotionally abusive and burning me for $700. 


I have had many friends from all walks of life, but my worst experiences came from hanging out with these drop-dead gorgeous people.  I don't think it was a coincidence.  Unlike most of the rest of us, these three people got by on their looks all their life and never had to develop their characters or personalities.  They were successfully able to use people and them dump them when they no longer got what they wanted or tired of the people.  There would always be a long line of people they could easily "befriend."  After these people lose their looks, they will not have much in the way of character or personality to fall back on. 

I really got a kick out of your message!  Just wanted to share that my daughter finally got a boyfriend back in 2004.  She had waited a long time for someone she was interested in to feel mutual.  He was a very good-looking Russian boy.  (Even had my hormones jumping over the top.)  He was tall and very personable - unless he didn't get his way.  Then he turned the coldness on people - including my daughter.  After only a few months, my daughter decided to break it off.  Some differences - like him being an Atheist and she being a Christian were viewed as an opportunity.  But when she discovered he smoked and had a wild unpredictable side, that was that.  I am proud of her bravery to break that off .  She definately knows that looks are not everything!  Your friend, Susanpear 

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