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Created on : Friday, March 03, 2006, 12:50:53 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

Imagine spending $25,000 in one weekend while you’re $80,000 in debt. That’s what Michael’s shopaholic wife, Bridgette, did and her excessive spending is ruining their marriage and family. Dr. Phil discovered that her behavior was just a symptom of a much larger problem. When the couple last appeared on the show, Bridgette revealed a painful secret and the conflict got pretty heated. Dr. Phil sent them home with a camera to record their candid thoughts, but their behavior might surprise you. Then, find out why Bridgette’s children called her a liar, and what sent Michael and Bridgette out of the house in the middle of the night. Can this family in crisis move past the pain and rebuild their lives? Share your thoughts.


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March 9, 2006, 9:03 am CST

03/09 Family Chaos

Quote From: lanaraea

It is so obvious the wife only cares about her own feelings and she truly comes across as entirely insincere.  The husband has problems, too, but his wife is so ungrateful for all she has and does not intend to solve her problems....only blame others.  Everyone in this family would be much better living with this couple seperated at the very least and divorce seems the only answer. The husband should find someone who appreciates him for what he has provided and I feel he could overcome his problems and have a better life alone. Perhaps his wife should ask herself what other man would let someone do what she has done....and stay with her.  It was extremely frustrating to watch the wife and her obvious insincerity and I feel there is no way she will ever is only a coverup. I don't believe a thing she says.  I have absolutely no hope for them and it is sooooo hard to watch. 

Dito this woman is the biggest loser ever. She is the whole problem he needs to leave her. He can do much better..
March 9, 2006, 9:05 am CST

blue eyes

Quote From: lucky24

What a silly thing to focus on, with all the problems these people have. 


OF COURSE brown-eyed people can produce blue-eyed children! But even if they couldn't, David has been raised by Michael his whole life - that makes him his father. 

In case you haven't noticed he likes look both parents.
March 9, 2006, 9:09 am CST

your aunt wants him?

Quote From: auntmimi67

If she don't want him I know of someone that really does want him!!! They should'nt be together if they can't get along. My husband's aunt would really like him if she don't want him.. They need to DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!    They really should'nt be together.. GET RID OF HER.......This story is getting old.
What makes you think he wants her enless they know each other? He isn't a bad looking guy Ithink too good looking for his wife. Go for it  "Aunt Bee"
March 9, 2006, 9:12 am CST

It is too bad

I feel bad for this family. Don't you have to ask what happened to them to get them where they are? 

You can see the pain in the mothers face and her husband really seems to be trying to change things.  

The adult children have now taken on the same role as the parents, the learn what they live. 

I hope they see it and realize what their life will be like if they continue. They are a reflection on the parents. 

I would like to see where they are in about 6 months. 


March 9, 2006, 9:14 am CST

03/09 Family Chaos

Quote From: fluffyfat

Heroin is addictive; it changes your brain.  Going to the mall and buying everything you like is not addiction; it's the behavior of a spoiled woman.  Watching porn in front of your kids, talking about suicide in front of your kids, cutting in front of your kids -- not  addiction.  What it is, is terrible, self-centered  behavior of a spoiled b*tch.  Dad should get a divorce and take the kids with him.  I would love to see this woman have to support herself on minimum wage.  


BTW Bridgette -- my hung-up husband isn't affectionate either. Get over it. 

I agree Bridgett is a spoiled woman and only is thinking only of herself.   She needs to take responsibility for the things she has done and how she has raised her kids.  And Mike needs to admit his part in all this with his violent rages and name calling.   I think she and Mike need to sell the big house and fancy cars and start paying off their huge debts.   If they can get rid of some of the debt, it will help enormously to relieve the tension in that household.   That can go a long way in getting on a healthy road for the future.   

March 9, 2006, 9:28 am CST

03/09 Family Chaos

Quote From: chefjo

As long as both parents have the recessive gene for the color of blue eyes then they could have a child with blue eyes.   The son could also have contact lenses on (think about the family he is from) 


For example, Mom could have brown eyes with one brown eye gene and one blue eye gene and becasue brown is dominant she wold be born with brown eyes.  And if Dad also has brown eyes with one inherited brown eye gene and one blue eye gene, then it is possible that when their son was conceived they both passed along the recessive gene of blue eyes and thus had their blue eyed son.  Statistically it is rare but not impossible! 

It isn't rare statistically.  When parents both have a brown and blue eyed gene, one in every four children will be blue eyed, one in four children will have two brown eyed genes and two in four will be like their parents, visibly brown eyed but with a recessive blue eye gene.
March 9, 2006, 9:34 am CST


The wife's cutting is just another way for her to control the emotions of her family because she has no emotions of her own.  She feels nothing, she is empty and keeps trying to fill up with spending money and cutting and other very temporary solutions.  The only hope for her is to give of herself to others through volunteer work and she needs to start by packing up everything she doesn't need clothes, jewelry, electronics, and giving it to charity.  Only by removing all of the crap in her life can she attain any sort of movement in the right direction.  Whatever happened to her or whatever she did to become this way has to be forgiven/forgotten and she needs to take responsibility for herself.  Her family needs to help her by also giving up some of crap they don't need.  The husband needs to get a plan to pay off the debt and concentrate on whats important.  If you can clear away all of the garbage that isnt really important, stress will start to melt away and so will the anger and hostility.
March 9, 2006, 9:40 am CST

Can they be helped

Ive watched this family and just wonder when enough is enough. I dont relate to their issues as a family but before they can be help they have to understand what is wrong with this family. Where and why the problems are there. The only thing about this family that i can relate to is Bridgette and cutting herself. As good as Dr Phil is, he just dont see the whole picture about why people really  

do cut their self and why they think its ok. If he did know the deep core of why then i think he might have a better shot at convincing her and others not to do it. When he did what he did with her on the last show ( turning her chair around and looking her in the eye and telling her...I care, Im telling you I care) i knew 100% that she would do it again within 10 days and she did. Dr Phil is close to knowing all there is about this but not completely. If he did i think he could better reach the part of us that does this. You almost have to come into our world to understand which he hasnt. I do give him kudos for what he does, I know he does try. I really hope this family can get their life on track if not as a family at least individually. 

March 9, 2006, 9:42 am CST

Bridgette prefers to be part of the problem...

I can't help but feel that Bridgette enjoys being the problem rather than being part of the solution.  If her family is in such financial straights why doesn't she seek gainful employment?  Even if she has been out of the job market for some time she appears to be educated and physically able to get some sort of job.  Although she may feel that a minimum wage job is beneath her, it would add something to the coffers.  Debt does not just go away, especially when she continues to shop.  And just maybe if she had something productive to do she wouldn't be so self-destructive and unhappy with her lot in life. 


And if they are about to loose the house, how is buying a $2400 dog going to help.  Not so sure the people in the homeless shelter will be so impressed with the dog's pedigree.  If she truly wanted the companionship couldn't she have chosen a dog from the shelter that not only needs the home but deserves one.  Pet food, vet bills and city dog licenses cost money, something that seems to be in short supply for a person $80,000. in debt.  Then to add insult to injury buying dog outfits.....give me a break.  And just what is the "good doctor" thinking enabling this behavior.   


It's no wonder her children are on public assistance.  She is the perfect role model for their behavior and lack of motivation.  Her refusal to accept responsibility for her own actions has lead these children down this path.  And now Lauren is cutting herself.  Bridgette need look no farther than her own mirror for the reason why.  The apple seldom falls very far from the tree.  Bridgette's demeaning and foul-mouthed attitude towards her children is reprehensible.  Respect and adoration, as always, are earned.  These children return in kind what they've been taught.  


And although their dad isn't the best role model either at least he attempts to support the family.  His avoidance of the problem by working so much will never solve the emotional issues these children have.  But then if he stopped working so much they will never get out of debt and again the children would assume that you can shirk your financial responsibilities. 


I appreciate the effort Dr. Phil is putting forth with this family but I can't help but be apathetic to their plight.  As I get up and go to work each day at not one but two jobs to put my children through college and support my own shoe habit I ask no one to feel sorry for me.  I have chosen my direction in life and make the most of every single day, knowing that I am setting a decent example for my children as well as being a true partner to my spouse of 25 years.  Nope I'm not perfect but I'm also not whining/wondering why my children have turned out the way they have. 

March 9, 2006, 9:43 am CST

03/09 Family Chaos

Quote From: whimsey

I think Bridgetts entire family needs to be questioned while hooked up to a lie detector, it's pretty hard to stay interested in their "story" when you don't know who is telling the truth.

I agree.  They can't start solving problems until they come clean and this is the 4th show and I think they are still telling lies. Maybe if there was some consequences they wouldn't lie.  With Bridgett and Michael and their family, there is a load of BS covering up the real problems.  I even think the cutting could be just a cover up.   


Remember that woman on the cheaters show that swore she wasn't cheating.  As soon as the film clip of Mr. Hat-on-backwards played, she came clean and the couple could address the real problem. I think there needs to be some investigation that could actually uncover the facts about this family. 

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