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Created on : Friday, March 03, 2006, 12:43:32 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 03/07/06) Dr. Phil explores the ups and downs of bipolar disorder. This illness takes its victims on an emotional rollercoaster ride -- from elation to extreme irritability, intense rage, or devastating depression. First, Cathy was diagnosed with Bipolar II, 10 years ago and claims she goes from zero to psycho in 15 seconds. Dr. Phil takes a look at the toll her disorder takes on her two boys, and brings the family together for a dramatic moment of emotional healing. Then, during various manic episodes, Fred has stolen a taxi, crashed into a Starbucks, and climbed to the top of a church. He hears voices and believes that movie stars like Denzel Washington and Robert De Niro are talking to him through their movies. Still, Fred thinks he’s ready to move out of his parents’ house and live on his own for good … but should his family let him? Talk about the show here.


Find out what happened on the show.

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March 7, 2006, 7:06 am CST


This message is especially for Kashmiere and Alex from the bottom of my heart. I gew up as the only child of mother who obviously suffered from a mental disorder such as bi polar. She regularly said and did such horrible things to me and I never understood why. I spent many years suffering at her hands and when I was old enough I tried to get her to see that she needed help/treatment because her behaviour was not normal. Unfortunately I never managed to persuade her nor did other family members or close friends. Sadly, eventually I had to protect myself and subsequently my own family from her behaviour and decidede to no longer have any sort of relationship with her. I know through other relatives that she continues to rage and say dreadful things and refuses to accept that she may have a problem. As she gets older her circle of friends diminishes and she has forced away many relatives. I think she faces a sad and lonely old age. 


I am sorry that you are growing up in such a difficult environment but I know your mother loves you. Be proud that despite this illness she is driven by her love for you two to seek help. With Dr Phil and his teams help she will be able to live a more normal and life and so will you. None of your mother`s behaviour is your fault and Dr Phil will ensure that you are very well cared for. I sincerely hope that your mother recovers soon and that you can have lifelong loving relationship with her. You will be stronger young men for this experience. Good luck boys! 

March 7, 2006, 7:13 am CST

please help!

My 12 year old is on medicine for adhd when i don't give him his medicine he is constantly trying to pick fights he has recently started lying and one day at school he started saying that no one would care if he wasn't around anymore. His grades are going down because he doesn't want to do his work. He is in the 6th grade and is labeled as a very gifted child. The teachers have told me his IQ is so high he could skip grades and take the sat in the 8th grade but emotionally and socially he can't function on that level. Is there more to this problem than adhd. We have tried every kind of disipline you can think of. I have heard that His biological father was diagnosed with bi-polar. Can anyone give me some advise?
March 7, 2006, 7:16 am CST

I am a "classic" bi-plolar patient

This is what my doctors tell me. I am a disabled veteran and I believe I have probably always been sick. In my case I have internal instability at times and I know sometimes I will put an external cause on it. I have lived with bi-polar a long time and would be more than glad to share what I have learned over the years. Thanks Mike
March 7, 2006, 7:19 am CST

03/07 Extreme Highs and Lows

Quote From: wings2fly


I hope that Dr Phil addresses the financial burden associated with a mental illness.  Even though I 

am insured, there is still a problem with parity in insurance.  Most insurance pays for only a very 

small portion of treatment, especially if you don't  choose a therapist in their network.  I have been 

to plenty of therapists and phychaitrists.  It is in my best interest to see the person who is the most 

effective in treating me, as apposed to someone in the network who isn't as effective. 


Most of us with mental illness require several medications.  These medications are not cheap. 

Bewteen my therapy, my medications, my phychiatrist, I spend a small fortune just to get well and 

stay well.  If I have to choose , how to I determine what to give up; should a skip a few weeks of 

therapy or give up one of my medications. 


I didn't ask for this disease, I didin't get it because of a character flaw or because I did something wrong or bad.  I have the misfortune of  bad genes and a phathological childhood; neither of 

which is my fault. 


I am committed to healing myself and my children.  My 15 year old daughter is suffering from 

depression.  She is on medication and in therapy.  I have passed on my flawed genes and 

disfunctional behavior just as it was passed on to me.  It stops here and it stops now. 

My parents ignored my problems/issues. I will not do this.  My children and I deserve better. 

We deserve to live a life where our gifts can be nourchured and  our souls can shine. We deserve 

to live a life free of depression so deep it steals away your spirit and mania that steals your mind. 


I have been handed this HORRIBLE situation and I have passed it on to the people I love the most. 

I am trying so hard to heal us and treat us but the cost of this makes it very difficult and adds  

substantial stress. 


 I definately know what you're talking about.  I turn 25 this month which means I'm off my dads insurance and I'm not sure HOW I'm going to pay for my medications.   I'm going to start doing freelance writing once I get my e-lance account up and running, so I'm hoping to bring in some $ that way.  For me I have severe narcolepsy so I'm usually only ablet o stay awake 2-3 hours at a time, so a normal job is simply out of the question.  That  medication and my anti-siezure medication are nearly  $400.00 a piece, then I have my thyroid medication (a cheap $30.00), and my anti-depressant/anti anxiety medication which is $159.00.  None of these problems are things I did to myself, but I learned a long time ago that I just have to keep moving foreward.  If it means I have to give up things, so be it.  It isn't fair, but life....well it never was, and never will be.  You can't regret what is.

For me stress aggravates most of these conditions and believe me for being 24 I have a LOT more than the average person that age.  

Not to be a downer but sometimes all you can really do is be alive, and that's the best you can hope for. 
March 7, 2006, 7:33 am CST

Bipolar Disorder

I haven't seen the show yet but am disturbed by the promos I've seen. Bipolar disorder is a disease; a disease like diabetes or arthritis. It can often be controlled by medication. There are many "closeted" bipolar people who work and live "normal" lives. They keep their illness a secret because they know how people--employers especially--react to it. I would have liked to see a show that emphasized that people can funtion in society and are not necessarily violent or unable to function. I do not feel that this show will help the image of people with bipolar disorder and will only hurt people who are trying to live their lives with this disorder. However, I will watch the show before I completely pass judgment. 


March 7, 2006, 7:37 am CST

03/07 Extreme Highs and Lows

Quote From: tinadragon

Calliemom!!  I'm also on lamictal, seroquil and nortriptoline along with zyprexa.  We have so much in common...though I've probably had this since early teens, it became full blown and out of control when I was pregnant with my first child. 


I agree that it's definately sister has it, my cousin, and I believe my grandmother had it. 

I missed the symptom of bi-polar. i know I know that I have deep depression, but that's all I can figure out. Then I read the description of these guests and I related some to them. If you could let me know some of the signs I would apreciate it.Thanks 

March 7, 2006, 8:10 am CST

Could this be me? I need some advice!!!!

I remember that when I was about ten or eleven I REALLY believed that I had special powers. I thought I could control the weather. That if I just thought about rain, it would rain. The strange thing is that everytime that I concentrated on it raining, it did. Does that mean that I believe I really controlled the weather back then? (my deep dark secret that I share with noone, is yes.) I can completely relate with the woman who said she can go from 0-physcho in 15sec. I have before, and still do. I haven't had a stable life since I was fifteen years old. Life has not treated me too good, my biological mom and dad weren't all I hoped they would be when I ran away from my parent's house to "find myself". What I really found was what I wasn't and never wanted to be. They were both addicted to heavy drugs ( my mom herrion, and my dad cryst. meth.) And, now, looking back, I wonder if my mother has some form of mental disorder. She would come into my room late at night and say that there was a wolf under her bed that was trying to kill and that I needed to get up and help her kill it. She would barge into my bedroom very late at night and tear open the blinds looking outside like she thought someone was out there trying to get her. (she did this many times while I lived with her.) Her temperment with me grew worse and worse. She started spreading rumors around the reservation that I was sleeping with her husband and doing drugs. She started sending me to bed after dance practice  (that got over when it was dark out) so I couldn't complete my homework and then get kicked off the dance team. And, when my grades DID start to drop, I started studying by a nightlight I found. One night she found out about it and took it away. I was forbidded to dance in our shcool's performance. This woman took what is suppose to be the best years of a person's life away from me and is continueing to attack and degrade me even though I am more than three thousand miles away. She has now convinced my younger sister that my husband MOLUSTED her!! When, he really didn't. She has passed on her sick and twisted fantasies to my younger sisters. And, what is worse? I am still continueing to feel like I have some sort of "power" It is very difficult for me to even type about this. It is hard to admit. I am ashamed of it. I loose control on my husband, and my two and a half year old daughter. (not physically, but I have thought about beating them.) My youngest daughter (two and a half months old) is still safe from my wrath, but I still fear for her when she grows older and is able to get into trouble. I watched the movie the exorsism of Emily Rose, and I actually started to believe that I was her in a past life, and then it went to me thinking "no... no I'm not her, but I am going to be." My husband is being stationed in Germany not too far from where the real Emily Rose was living and then burried, and I have this pull to go and see the grave because I "feel" like her mother has some sort of "message" for me. I feel like I am conected to her. My thoughts sometimes seem to move so fast and overlap eachother, and I often find it hard to finish a complete thought. And, when I force myself to finish a thought it takes forever. I am not performing the way I feel I could in my life. I see what I want, I know what I need, but I feel as though I am never going to accomplish theese things. This fog is always getting in my way. Could this be me? I need some advice!!!
March 7, 2006, 8:14 am CST

bipolar hell

You tell Kathy there is hope. I am 47 and was told I was bipolar disorder 10 years ago. I have gone through almost every medication they make and have been lucky enough to find 4 that work. I was horrible to my son I tried to kill myself because I just feltl like I was falling into a black hole and no one and nothing could ever get me out. I fight everyday to make sure I take my meds . I also suffer from anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD, and agoraphobia all steming from the bipolar illness. Its a struggle everyday to have a normal life but with the right meds and support system you can control the illness. Tell her sons it does get better. To just love their mother and understand it is not about them , it is not their fault. It took a long time for my family to even understand that my behavior was associated with a mental illness,but once they understood the illness they were able to cope with it better. I still find it hard to deal with the fact I have a mental disorder. If I had cancer or diabetes people would be more excepting of  the illness but when they learn it is a mental disorder you are looked at in a different way. I use to hide the fact that i suffered from this disorder but I dont now and I answer any questions anyone has. The more aware that people are the less scared they will be.  I wish I could meet K athy and tell her she is not alone. I want everyone to be educated about this disease and that its ok to ask questions and there is no reason to be scared of us who suffer from this illness. Many children are miss diagnoised who suffer from bipolar disorder and the sooner they are treated the better the life they will be able to have.  I missed out on so much growing up because no body understood the illness and I was labeled a trouble child. I thought I was just a bad person I now know that i was sick. A sick mind does not know its sick and thats what makes this disorder so hard to deal with. Once you take meds and feel better you believe that you dont need them anymore, you stop taking them and you spiral out of control. You have to take your meds. You have to seek therapy in order for the treatment to work. I truly hope that kathy gets the help she needs for herself and the health and well being of her sons. It does get better. My son and I are closer than we have ever been and he understands that my past behavior was not his fault or mine. its an illness. Good luck kathy I hope to meet you one day. Thank you for telling your story and putting bipolar disorder out in the light. We need more shows like this so people wont be afraid of us who suffer from a mental disorder. We are not psycho,luny or crazy. We live .love and hurt just like everyone else. Thanks dr phil please do more show like this to make people aware.
March 7, 2006, 8:15 am CST

I just went through HELL with a friend

2 weeks ago I got a call from a friend that lives 10 minutes away from me telling me this fantastic story that she is being stalked. Concerned for the safety of my friend I invited her to bring her things and come to my house until the situation at home could be addressed when her husband returned from a business trip. 

She showed up her visibly shaken and terribly frightened. We stayed up the next two days taking cat naps here and there talking about her terrifying experience. The more she told the story the more fantastic it became. When I questioned her about it she would get agitated and start to threaten to leave cause if I didn't believe her then i wasn't a friend. I then started just agreeing with her. The first night she used my bathroom next to my bedroom and swears that she saw 2 men in my back yard looking through the window watching her. Then she said she saw them running through the yard and running down the street with coax cable falling from their shoulders cause they were there to spy on her here too. When I questioned her she started to shake and said that the police wouldn't help her because they were using her as bait to catch this stalker and and that she knew that this stalker was a guy who kidnapped a girl from her street and subsequently murdered her and she resembled this murder victim. She got on the phone and called everyone she knew to tell them that "New information has come to light and everything was clear now". At this point her husband was called back from his business trip to address the situation.  

She has now labeled me as an enemy because I refuse to lie and confirm her delusions.  

After seeing this show I am now convinced that my friend suffers from Bipolar and I have emailed the page to her husband, who is in denial that his wife, my friend, has a problem. I hope that this helps him to get the help that she so desperately needs. 

March 7, 2006, 8:16 am CST

I have Bi-Polar II

I have been waiting and waiting for Dr. Phil to address this issue, only in the hopes that he would dispell some of the stigma related to the disease. I am fearing however, that he maybe stirred up fear instead. I am glad to say that when I was diagnosed, I took responsibility to own up to it, and do everything I could to better myself so as not to hurt myself or others. I took my meds, and still do. I see my doctors on a regular basis to keep everyhting as under control as possible. I believe that everyone has that responsibility to not pretend nothing is happening to them, but to take the disease and admit to it so you can take the power out of it. Once the power is gone, it can control you less, and you can live a healthier more normal life. Who doesn't agree with me? For those living with this disease, I am there with you. May you have peace within your lives like I have. Trish
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