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Created on : Friday, February 24, 2006, 11:27:05 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1

(Original Air Date: 03/01/06) What can you do if your spouse has a cheating heart? Rick’s wife, Kandice, cheated on him less than a year ago, and he suspects she's at it again. Is Rick just being paranoid, or is Kandice not telling the whole truth? Find out when Dr. Phil reveals what he caught on camera. Then, Arianna thought she had it all: a wonderful husband, two beautiful kids and a happy marriage ... until recently when the ugly truth came out in a shocking way. How did she find out about her husband's philandering? Can he learn to be faithful? Dr. Phil has strong words to set him straight. With a dark cloud of lies, deceit and infidelity hanging over a relationship, can you ever trust a cheater again? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.


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February 19, 2009, 7:30 pm CST


Quote From: tooniave

I read this archive and needed to write. I have been dating a man for almost 3 yrs who I don't trust. I'm pretty sure he cheated with an ex "back home" about 2 yrs ago - swore he didn't talk to her when he was there alone, then I saw the phone records and all the calls and text msgs and showed him and he swears he didn't see her.  Since then, we have fought over and over about his contact with her (calls, emails, text msgs) but all done behind my back - when he's at work or when I'm at work and he's home alone.  He went as far as to setup a webcam at work with a separate login to communicate with her - again he says it was innocent, that he "just wanted to show her how to use it:"  The web cam is at home now but the damage has been done.  He says nothing is going on and I want to believe him but in my gut I don't trust him. 


Now there is at least one more ex he's been talking to for the past six months.  At least he introduced me to this one last month, and she is married with children, but I know he's still talking to her behind my back.  (by the way - these two are in another state).  If it's not an ex, it the girls he does business with on a daily basis, or people from work, etc.  The other night a girl called and wanted him to come over (she was drunik and just broke up with her boyfriend.)  She was on speakerphone in his car and he couldn't end the call with me there - it was comical.


Anyhow, I want so badly to trust him because I know I have some insecurity issues because my ex-husband cheated on me after 13 good years of marriage.  He's single still and begging me to come back.  So, in my gut I know I need to make a stand and leave probably but I'm too scared.  Could I be wrong?  Could all the women he talks to when I'm not around just be "friends"?  Why does he need so much contact with ex's - is it an attention thing?  An ego thing?  A "plan B" thing?  It's wrong and hurtful.


He's using me and lying to me, huh? 

girl,hes a man cheated before we got married and we been married 2 yrs.i still dont trust him but if he done all that your man has done to you now,hell no hes lying,its hard ,but we have to stand up for ourself and take nomore
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