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Created on : Friday, February 10, 2006, 12:47:04 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

It's brutal. It's cutthroat. It's competitive. It leaves you wounded, scarred and absolutely exhausted. We're talking about LOVE! A group of frustrated singles set sail for a getaway on Catalina Island so they can learn how to start "loving smart." Three women, who admit they're very picky, agree to an experiment to see what would happen if they're unable to judge a book by its cover. With blindfolds on, they go out on dates with men who think their appearances might not measure up with what women are looking for. Will these nice guys finish last when the blindfolds are removed? Then, Dillon and Donna have been dating for two years, yet she can't get over her insane jealousy. Will she be able to get her green-eyed monster under control before it runs him off? Plus, the latest on the love triangle among Todd, Hayley and Chad, and your chance to meet these eligible singles! Share your thoughts.


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February 16, 2006, 7:10 pm CST

Dillion and Donna, Run Dillion Run!

Dillion, run. You are worth more than being treated like that. I was in the same situation, its absolutly drained me, took away my spirit. It will never change. You desearve to be totally trusted in any situation, that's what love is all about. You deserve to be happy.  She is trying to controle your every thought to fulfill her our shortcomings. You will get ulcers trying to please her every little quib, believe me. Donna, if you truely loved Dillion you would trust him totally, without a shadow of a doubt but obviously you don't. Let him go.  You treat him like crap. On the show you actually pulled away from him when he reached out to you. Give me a break, what are you 12. If you're acting like that with the little things how will you hold the relationship together when the times get really tough. Never treat anyone like that. I was treated like that and I look back on it and it was nothing more than abuse. You are abusing him emotionally.  You are controlling, abusing and just down right rude and a bitch. You are a very atractive woman but you would be absolute hell to be with. If my girlfriend that I have now ever and I mean ever did that I would walk away from the relationship in a New York minute. I don't deserve to be treated like that and neither dose Dillion nor anyone for that matter. My old girlfriend would have bought a new shirt. I would comment on how nice her shirt was. Her relpy was why didn't I say anything about the pants (even though they were not new) It would turn out to be a 3 hour fight. I just couldn't say anything right or do anything right even thought I would have given her the world. It just drained me. It broke me. Donna you are exactly like that.  If you don't trust him and think he dosen't really love you then let him go, break it up. If you think he loves you then trust him with you very life. My suggestion is to let him go. Dillion the're are 6 Billion people in the world half of which are female and I'm thinking all of them would treat you better than Donna. You deserve better bud. Go out and get it.  
February 17, 2006, 5:07 am CST


Quote From: palywe

In watching your 'love smart' episodes, I was also thinking that it would be very nice to have a show dedicated to singles 50 and over.  It is so much more difficult meeting singles in my age range (51) and the techniques in your show are good ones, they just don't apply as much any more.  I, too, am very active, well educated, smart, have had a very lucrative professional career, and have chosen to now own my own business.  I have learned to discern what I like and don't like in a man/relationship, but do not have the opportunity to apply them.  Now that the 'climb the ladder' years are over and I'm very comfortable with where I am, I have found it very difficult, too, to attract the male population.  What is happening and why can't I become successful in the 'partner' game?  It's now time to play!!!

As somebody else put it, an "old farts dating" show.  But, broaden the age range a bit.  Instead of 50's dating, you could include some of us 40-somethings.  


It really isn't the same game at this age.  Bars?  Nightclubs?  No thanks.  They are why I quit dating many years ago. 

February 17, 2006, 11:44 am CST


Quote From: ladybug11

i  am not judgeing no one!!!   i am just saying  that   a christian  man that loves god, is a better man to have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     for one thing  men  that are not christians need  to   be witness too about jesus.  hopefully they will get saved...       i just don't want to go out with a man  thats not a christian!  because  for one thing   he might  be the kind of person that drinks, partys, go too clubs or bars,do drugs, look at x rated movies, nude pics!!  i am not saying  all men that are not saved  does all these things.  but most do..yes i might give a man thats not saved a chance!   i would witness too him invite him too church..   if he would not accecpt jesus.  after a few months. then i would leave him...     i  want to rise a family in a christian home...  
February 17, 2006, 2:48 pm CST

02/14 Love Smart Island, Part 2

Quote From: prdmom

Well, I read her other message board posts and got the idea she must watch too much TV becuase she wrote in about a lot of different subjects. I mean, after all, aren't you judging the people from the show with minimal knowledge? 

By "fix", do you mean "change"! Sounds like a double standard there, huh? 


Yes, I think we (the viewing public), are judging the people w/minimal knowledge.  It's t.v., we are not given more insight than what we see on the show. 


I wasn't bashing your daughter at all.  I said, "she should not settle for less", just be open minded.  What is wrong suggesting to my boyfriend or husband to change, as you call it, to wear something different?  After all, they have shows where people get "makeover's"?    What did you mean by double standard?  He will do what he wants, but like the old saying.....a diamond in the rough.   Some men need help.  

February 17, 2006, 6:57 pm CST


Quote From: puttycat

don't  really  have anything to  say!    that might because you know  its true!! 

February 17, 2006, 7:00 pm CST

the best men!

the  best  men  are christian  men.  they  live for god and  do whats right in life and live right!!
February 18, 2006, 6:41 am CST

Dating for the aged

Dear Dr. Phil 

I saw your show on Love Smart and noticed that most of your shows are about younger people looking for love. I think they need to get off there duff and put more effort into looking for love there selves instead of asking for help. We as baby boomers never had the pleasure of anyones help when we were looking for love. And many times settled for less. So now here we are looking for love in our later years, so we are the ones whom should be asking for help in the love department in this ever changing world. I don't look or act the age  I'm going to be in a few months and that is 60. I get hit on most of the time by very much younger men, and the ones that are around my age are looking for someone to take care of them because they are sickly. So I decline the young ones and disregard the the older ones. You hear so much these days about some men out there looking for women to use, and go on to the next, that we are afaird to trust anyone so we end up alone until death. You need to have a show about where the aged good men are and how to get back into the dating seen with the aged.  Looking foward to a show on this subject. 




February 18, 2006, 1:29 pm CST

Insecure: I wonder why!

This is about Dawn and Dylan--she was a gorgeous model who was so insecure she always thinks Dylan's going out with other women, or wants to. Dr. Phil, you told her it was all in her head and she had to get over it. Which was reasonable--until we saw DYLAN act like a complete schmuck with other women. He talked all about Dawn and her insecurities, as a way to make himself seem more attractive. He was building himself up at her expense. Then, when she was understandably upset by this, you told her again that it was all her. You asked Dylan why he had talked about her to the other women, but he gave a lame answer and you let him get away with it. I sure hope Dawn got more help from you or help elsewhere, because she's thinking she's the crazy one when her boyfriend is very very sneaky and smarmy!
February 18, 2006, 1:31 pm CST

02/14 Love Smart Island, Part 2

Quote From: puttycat

Good luck rising your family.
February 18, 2006, 2:38 pm CST

I agree...........but.........

Quote From: ladybug11

the  best  men  are christian  men.  they  live for god and  do whats right in life and live right!!

I agree with you, but most of the ones you are describing are either married or dead!  

Sherrie in TX 

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