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In order to verify that the e-mail address associated with your membership is correct, we have sent an e-mail to the address you provided in your Membership Profile.

To activate your membership, please click on the link provided in the e-mail.

If you did not receive your confirmation e-mail, we recommend the following:

Make sure that the e-mail system and software you use does not employ filters or any other methods that might block e-mails sent from ( Your Internet Service Provider (AOL, MSN, etc.) should be able to provide you with this information. (For example, you may need to check your "Bulk Mail," "Trash" or "Spam" folders.)

If you still do not receive the confirmation e-mail message, we recommend that you work with your Internet Service Provider to determine why the confirmation message is not being received. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for individual issues related to e-mail blocking and filtering.

To try submitting your e-mail address again, please click here and enter it in the field below on that page. Be sure to enter it precisely including proper case and punctuation (i.e.,

If you still have a problem activating your account, please click here.