Know A "Bad Bride?"

Are you a bridesmaid under pressure to look "perfect?"  Have you been given a long list of demands by a bride-to-be in order to be a bridesmaid in her wedding party?  Is the bride demanding that all her bridesmaids lose weight and get into shape before the big day?  Has she demanded that everyone sign up for a fitness class and go on a diet in order to be "picture perfect?"  Is the bride asking her wedding party to get botox or a cosmetic procedure before the wedding?  Are you fed up with the bride's unreasonable demands?  Are the bride's high expectations ruining your friendship?  Do you want to pull out of the wedding party?  

This show is not about drug and alcohol addiction. We are only looking for brides and bridal parties for this show.  Email only if you are a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid and are willing to appear on the show.  
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